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Just Doing Business

Author: iamsugarysweet Category: Wife Tales Tim and Jillian awoke to the sound of the captain’s announcement.  Apparently they were thirty minutes from Honolulu and the captain thought it necessary to awake them from their comfortable first-class snooze.  It had been a year since they had gotten married and were celebrating by taking a week’s vacation in the sunny state of Hawaii.  Tim had never been before and Jillian was crazy about going, having been there herself several years earlier with family. “What was that announcement?” Jillian asked Tim in a soft, half-awake voice. “I think we’re about to land.”  Tim was … Continue reading Just Doing Business

Abby – Part 2

Author: Writer_At_Large Category: Lesbian …Continued. “Ok,” Abby agreed. She went into the bedroom behind the partition to which Laura had gestured. Immediately, she was fascinated by the bed, which had padded restraints for ankles and wrists. In the middle of the bed lay what appeared to be leather underpants and a leather bra. “I can’t believe I’m doing this,” she said as she stripped off her suit and reached for the clothing Laura had chosen for her. The bra was tight, and it had small holes through which the very tips of her nipples projected. The underpants seemed to be … Continue reading Abby – Part 2

Abby – Part 1

Author: Writer_At_Large Category: Lesbian Abby banged her shin painfully on a chair in her haste to escape the conference room. She looked around to see if anyone had noticed. No one seemed to have, so she fled the room gratefully. It was altogether too hot and stuffy in there, and the director of Tech Support was altogether too distracting. Walking back to her office made her a little steadier on her feet. Since her recent promotion to supervisor in Accounting, Abby rated an office instead of a peon-cubicle. Not that it was any bigger than a cubicle, but it did … Continue reading Abby – Part 1

Fantasies At Work – Part 3

Author: Bob_sager Category: Encounters … continued I stroke Tom faster, his cock engorged in my hand, his eyes watching my crotch and the woman pleasing me there. I pull my top down exposing my chest, and squeeze my breasts, and run my finger over my exposed nipples, caressing my soft flesh. “Stand up.” I say to Tom. He stands facing me, his pants slide down to his ankles as he does it. I pull his cock towards me and lick the tip of his shaft as I stroke it with my hand. Claire presses her fingers deeper into me, teasing me … Continue reading Fantasies At Work – Part 3

Fantasies At Work – Part 2

Author: Bob_sager Category: Encounters … continued He stands up, and walks over to me, kneeling between my legs and taking my mouth into his. He slides his hands up my legs, pushing up my skirt, feeling the outside of legs with those strong hands. Then, he takes his hand and squeezes my chest through my top, and sliding his other hand to my ass and squeezing it. I unbuckle his belt, and unbutton his slacks, revealing his hard cock. I slide my fingers over his boxers, stroking him until he is hard and ready. He pulls my top down, and exposes … Continue reading Fantasies At Work – Part 2

Fantasies At Work – Part 1

Author: Bob_sager Category: Encounters I was a rising start at my company, VP of product development at a start-up company about to go public, and only 32. I have been putting in a ton of hours, and am so warn out at the end of the day, I go home, eat dinner and go to bed. I have gone out on a couple of dates, but men are intimidated by me; I take what I want, and don’t like to be submissive, and they don’t know what to do with a woman who doesn’t need them. I booted up my laptop, … Continue reading Fantasies At Work – Part 1

The Sub

Author: dayne dame Category: BDSM You finally arrive home after a long day at work. You open the door, and as you walk in, your are greeted with the nice aroma of dinner being cooked and music playing loud in the kitchen. Your eyes fall upon a sight that you were not expecting. I’m at the stove, in a jean mini skirt and a sexy top that is very revealing, dancing and singing to the music. You come up behind me, wrap your arms around my waist, alternating between kissing/licking/sucking my neck and nibbling my earlobe. I put everything into serving … Continue reading The Sub

Morgan and I

Author: tiannagorawr Category: Couples “Morgan!” I gasped as he slid his hard rod into me. He quickly pulled out, then just put his tip inside me. “Quit teasing me, goddamn it.” I glared at him. He pushed his full length inside me and held it there for a second. He pulled out then repeatedly slammed into me. I moved my left hand and put it on my breast, playing with the nipple. Morgan moved his head down, licking my breast. “Harder… faster…” I breathed out. He grunted and pounded into me faster. I wrapped my legs around his waist and scratched … Continue reading Morgan and I


Author: Breeze Category: Chance Meetings As she was walking towards her car she noticed a guy standing around. “Excuse me…but can I help you with something?” “Nah! Don’t think so. I was just checking out the car.” “Oh…right.” She opened the trunk and set down her bag. When she closed it he was looking at her kinda funny like. “Wow your boyfriend must trust you or something.” She rolled her eyes. ”Yeah? And why’s that?” ‘Well…to let you drive that, a 1966 Chevelle SS 396 rag top. Sweet! ” A 454 non-original actually. And you are?” “Oh right…sorry. Name’s Booker.” … Continue reading Mechanic

Just Off the Beaten Path

Author:Breeze Category: Exhibitionism As I stroll along the path I can feel the eyes of passersby drinking in the details of my body. I am wearing a short pale blue silk dress. The sun causes it to shimmer and it appears that I have no clothes on. With each step and sway of my hips a tinkling sound can be heard. That would be the Ben Wah balls. I carry them around with me quite often. There is something very erotic about their movement and my control holding them in. My movements also cause friction between the silk and my … Continue reading Just Off the Beaten Path