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The Authentic Lesbian Review: Water Fetish With Jordan Kingsley

Water Fetish With Jordan Kingsley CoverFirst things first, Water Fetish With Jordan Kingsley is not a movie made by lesbians for lesbians nor is it a water fetish movie, or at least not what I think of as water fetish. What it is, is two extremely hot, big-boobed porn stars fucking the shit out of each other while water falls on them and it’s incredibly sexy.

Tanya Tate and Jordan Kingsley find themselves in a seductively dark and random space, and already they can’t keep their hands off each other. The camera pans in to show close ups of their fingers intertwined as they rub each other’s silky smooth legs to the tune of what sounds to me like smooth jazz with a New Jack Swing twist, and it’s surprisingly fitting. Staring directly into the camera for the first 3 minutes was faux to say the least (and completely for a male audience), but the camera angles are epic. I love the close-ups of their mouths while sucking on each other’s fingers biting each other’s lips.

Tanya, being the incredibly hot horn ball that she is, doesn’t waste any time getting the ball rolling. She goes down on Jordan almost immediately, and there’s a pretty cool close-up of that where you can see her playing with Jordan’s clit in her mouth. Major turn on if you ask me! From there the pair gets into my favorite power position with Tanya sitting behind Jordan fondling her clit and finger fucking her to an orgasm. With this position comes the water, and it was at this moment that I realized how fucking good these two look together! Of course, both Tanya and Jordan are known for their beauty, but something about the water enhanced it for me. Plus Jordan’s boobs are perfect. They’re definitely made for motor boating!

At the 6 minute mark, the music cuts off, and while I was a little sad for it to go, I knew shit was about to get intense. Jordan goes down on Tanya and the sound of the water hitting the ground is so clear I felt like I was standing in the scene. I’m big on sound to enhance my visuals (if you haven’t caught on already), so I found this very cool and it helped me dive deeper into the fantasy. Tanya’s accent also got me going, but that’s the case every time I hear her speak. On the same note, Jordan is wearing a cuff with O-rings on it, so when she goes to town fingering Tanya’s pussy I felt like Santa was sneaking up behind me. It isn’t terribly distracting, but I could have done without it. You be the judge:

From here, the freaky ladies go back and forth fingering and munching on each other and trading orgasms. I was expecting toys from the look and feel of the movie, but I was happy to be surprised. Two non-lesbian women enjoying each other’s bodies so much that no extras are needed fills me with pride for some reason (I think it lends credit to my theory that all women are sexually attracted to other women, but that’s a longer article for a different day) and definitely enhanced my pleasure. My favorite part of the entire flick is towards the end when Jordan begins fingering Tanya from behind. There’s never anything wrong with ass-up/face-down and further proof can be found right here! To make it even better, Jordan gets under Tanya to eat her out and the ride Tanya takes on her face is enough to make anyone scream!

Did you hear that slurping? Ahhh, the precious memories that sound returns to me!

Anyway, Tanya has an epic orgasm by the end of it all and fittingly the scene fades to black with a closeup of the girls’ wet mouths kissing and licking. Like I said before, this isn’t a movie made with lesbians in mind, so if that’s going to piss you off, stay away. But, if you’re like me and can stand the cliché “look into the camera” thing, and can get off to almost anything, especially two sexy, soaking wet, horny women sucking and fondling clit with no toys, then give Water Fetish With Jordan Kingsley a try. I doubt you’ll be disappointed!

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The Authentic Lesbian Review: Crash Pad Series – Episode 1: Dylan & Trucker

Crash Pad 1In desperate need of a Shine Louise Houston fix, I went back to my roots and started digging through the Crash Pad Series. I wasn’t looking for anything in particular, but rather browsing box covers and reliving story lines (and of course, the sex) when I stumbled across the very first Crash Pad episode and couldn’t remember it! Knowing that I wouldn’t rest until I jogged my memory I decided to give Crash Pad Series Episode 1: Dylan & Trucker another look and an authentic review.

As with most of the Crash Pad series episodes, this is sexy from the beginning. The opening is dark and shadowy with sexy music playing in the background, and the crash pad is introduced as a secret spot for late night hookups and undercover escapades (our spot was called the Cut back in the day). I still couldn’t remember this one, but immediately I remembered why I fell in love with Crash Pad in the first place. The heavy music and dark lighting add to the intensity that somehow always follows the actors in this series.

Dylan Ryan is a cute blonde wearing red pumps with one thing on her mind…fucking Trucker Cash! She walks into the room and takes the phone off the hook, the universal symbol for “we about to fuck and don’t wanna be bothered.” Trucker speaks the language well, not wasting any time getting Dylan’s panties down and pussy stuffed with fingers. The sense of urgency Trucker creates is hot and even though you know the two aren’t necessarily in a rush it adds to the passion between the two. Trucker’s aggression continues while fingering and eating Dylan out.

The pair moves to the couch where Dylan gives Trucker a blowjob. BJ’s aren’t really my thing, but this one doesn’t last very long because Trucker is all about the pussy at this point. After playing with Dylan’s clit for a minute or two, Trucker fucks her missionary, making her beg and plead for the cock. The entire encounter is very real and you can almost feel them coming off the screen!  From there, the sex gets a little rougher and I loved every moment! Dylan wants her pussy eaten again, and of course Trucker abides, but what I liked most was Trucker’s inability to keep hands off Dylan’s body. The touching and groping is firm and with purpose. I’m completely in love with everything about the female body and I find myself behaving just like Trucker so the fact that I could relate to what I was seeing made the fantasy that much better. Plus, looking at Dylan it’s easy to see how one handful probably isn’t enough! Trucker power fingers and licks Dylan to one more body shaking earth altering orgasm that literally left my jaw open and slightly jealous of both stars!

Short, not sweet, and to the point! Exactly what I wanted and exactly what I got. Crash Pad never lets me down, but knowing this was the 1st episode heightened everything for me (I think I’m a Pink And White geek) and on top of the intense passion they already brought to the set was the creative shooting genius behind the lens, editing and production. When I grow up, I want to be Shine Louise Houston!

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The Authentic Lesbian Review: Filthy Fashion Models

Filthy Fashion ModelsSexy. Black. Lesbian. Models. That’s right, Filly Films is back with Filthy Fashion Models and I signed up months ago so no standing in line for me! Directed by and starring Ana Foxxx, this one takes us through a few days of the life of an extremely sexy fashion photographer whose only problem seems to be having enough time in the day to fuck all the beautiful models she meets! I had a dream that went something like that once…

Scene 1 – Ana Foxxx & Lotus Lain

Ana and her girlfriend Lotus Lain are sleeping when the scene opens, and what a beautiful scene it is. There’s plenty of light shining through the huge windows and the bedding is completely white, making for an amazing contrast with Ana and Lotus’ complexions, especially Ana’s! Anyway, our star photographer awakens first and naturally decides to take a bath. The tub is located in her bedroom and the water was already run (when or by whom we have no clue) so we’re right on porn storytelling schedule. When Ana notices that girlfriend Lotus is still asleep and not even making an effort to get out of bed she takes matters into her own hands. Of course, when Lotus opens her eyes and sees her gorgeous, naked girlfriend in the tub waiting for her she jumps up and hops in to join without even taking her clothes off. Personally I can’t stand shower or bathtub sex in real life. There’s never enough space and water always ends up in my face, but in porn they rent those fancy mansions with huge stand-up showers and Jacuzzi tubs, so I was surprised to see the tiny little thing these two squeezed into. The girls are small themselves, but I wanted to see some action and I knew the space was going to limit that. I was right. There wasn’t much to the sex as far as positions go because they each had to sit on the side of the tub to get fingered or their pussies eaten. Ana did use the shower head on Lotus (something every woman in the world has tried at least once) so that was nice. But other than that, I got off from their bodies more than the sex itself. Both are incredibly hot! Lotus Lain is tatted up (just the way I like) with a long curly ‘do and a sexy ass voice. Ana’s dark complexion stopped me dead in my tracks the first time I saw her and she pulls off bangs waaaaaaaay better than I did back in the day. Watching them playfully interact was fun in a sexy way too. I bet these two have or would have a lot of fun off set.

Scene 2 – Ana Foxxx & Yasmine De Leon & Jenna Sativa

Ana’s first stop of the day is a shoot in the middle of the desert with models Yasmine De Leon and Jenna Sativa. As TV would have us all to believe is typical of models and women in general, the two ladies hardly know each other but they clearly don’t like one another. Being the professional that she is, Ana doesn’t have time for the bull, and this shoot demands passion out of the models so she does what any director of photography would do and suggest the two kiss and make up. Of course they take it literally and BOOM…we have a threesome. Count the authentic lesbo in! But again I was a little taken aback by the setting, or better yet, how it was filmed in that setting. The three horny fashionistas are fucking in a truck, and as sexy as we all know that is (I’m pretty sure I had sex in a car for an entire year of my life), we still need to be able to see it. Never is the camera angle from inside of the truck, like the front seat or the trunk; instead the camera operator remains outside and we only get a side view. This made me feel left out. As the viewer you want to get in the truck too, but it’s like the front doors are locked so you’re stuck with this view…

There are moments when the camera zooms into the action and you can see facial reactions and who’s doing what to whom, but overall I couldn’t do much with this one. It’s a shame too because on top of having a sexy stage name, Yasmine has a banging body too. I know Ana fucked her good, and I just wish I could have had a better view.

Scene 3 – Ana Foxxx & Kira Noir

This scene completely made up for Scene 2! I never met Kira Noir before this and I’m happy I’ve finally had the pleasure (about 3 times). I was instantly drawn to her look because it’s rare to find a black woman in porn rocking her natural hair in such a bold way (part of the reason I love Skin too!). As a black woman with locks I’m completely biased, but such is life. Anyway, this is a one-on-one shoot for a magazine and halfway through it’s agreed upon that Kira needs more shine to her look, so Ana grabs some oil and rubs her down. I thought that was it! I just knew Ana was about to grab a handful right then and there (more like I wanted her to), but she didn’t. Instead, while posing, Kira put her finger in her mouth then ran it down her body, accidentally getting make-up on her chest in the process. This was a gift from all the lesbian foremothers! And it only got better as the conversation progressed. Kira expresses to Ana that she’s seeing a guy she really likes, but dude is boring in bed AND he won’t go down on her (why doesn’t shit like this ever fall into my lap??)! Of course, Ana suggests Kira find a girl to do it for her, and after explaining that it wouldn’t be cheating because it wouldn’t be with a man (complete bullshit but totally worth it for Kira), she reveals herself as a lesbian and Kira just melts into the palm of her hand. Watch the innocence of this “yes, please” and try not to cum your pants…

That is the most innocent, polite sexiness I’ve ever seen in my life and I couldn’t wait for Ana to destroy it with tongue and finger. She doesn’t let me down either. Neither girl is particularly curvy, but I love the way the two look body-to-body, and Kira has the innocent, first time with a girl act down. The two kiss and touch a lot before fingering and eating each other out. I like the way Kira explores Ana’s body like a true first timer. She has that look of familiarity mixed with complete newness on her face and it’s a huge turn on! At one point they cross the room and are in front of a huge mirror which was a nice touch. Ana makes Kira cum almost at will throughout the scene and maintains control for the most part, but Kira definitely holds her own! I watched this one twice alone and once with my girlfriend…a hit, I tell you!

Scene 4 – Ana Foxxx & Lotus Lain & Shyla Jennings

I can’t lie, I completely forgot about Lotus being Ana’s girl, so when she walked in the living room with a surprise for Ana, I felt kind of bad. Then I saw that the surprise was Shyla Jennings and figured Lotus would probably be proud of Ana for her daily doings, at least that’s how I justify it in my head. I was excited about getting another threesome, this time in open space, and Shyla was the perfect fit. When they walk in she’s just lying on the bed waiting to be played with and it’s clear she never stood a chance with those two in the room. Action starts immediately in this one and off they go. There’s plenty of tag team clit rubbing, finger fucking and pussy eating in this one to go around, but my favorite part comes in the very beginning when Shyla is sitting on Lotus’ face while Ana gropes her tits from behind. Everybody was moaning and the whole thing was so intense that a pause was required.

Lotus goes to town munching on that pussy and when Shyla starts riding her hips, dear god YES! From there Ana’s sexy round ass is on display as her and Shyla 69, leaving Lotus to fondle any and all body parts in the room while waiting to have her first orgasm of the scene. When Shyla and Ana finally do team up on Lotus, Ana holds her legs apart while Shyla literally makes her scream with joy while eating her pussy. The three exchange more orgasms in the same positions but it never felt boring. The chemistry was there, the balance was there, and Shyla ended up holding her own more than I thought she would.

All in all, I was happy with this one. Besides the 2nd scene, it lived up to the hype. The acting was exactly what you want from your porno, the actresses are fucking gorgeous, and everyone knows how to eat pussy! Asking for more than that just seems wrong.

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The Authentic Lesbian Review: Prison Lesbians Vol. 3

Prison Lesbians Vol. 3From the brilliant mind of Dana Vespoli comes the 3rd installment of Sweetheart Video’s ever so popular series Prison Lesbians. Prison Lesbians Vol. 3 continues the proud tradition of presenting us with gorgeous women in some pretty bad situations with the law. I’m very familiar with the series and Dana Vespoli (I would love to have a drink with her and pick her brain!) so there was never a doubt in my mind that this would be great. Plus I love everything Lily Cade and Dana DeArmond do. The entire cast is great, but there’s something special about those two.

Scene 1 – Lea Lexis & Anna Morna

Right out of the gate they hit a home run. We open to an interrogation room, in which the sexy Anna Morna is waiting on her lawyer, Dana Vespoli, who just walked in. Immediately you know Dana’s annoyed. Turns out she’s dealing with the spoiled brat offspring of a wealthy family she’s been representing for years. Anna got caught with illegal drugs in a foreign country (we’ve all been there) and expects Dana to snap her fingers and get her out of jail, not understanding that the laws there are different from those back in the states. Anna did a great job portraying her character because she got on my nerves with her naiveté and I couldn’t wait for her to get fucked (because that’s what happens when someone gets on your nerves in my world). Right on cue, prison guard Lea Lexis and her sexy as fuck Romanian accent walk in and the fun begins. Noticing on the spot that she’s dealing with an American brat, Lea decides it’s time to teach precious little Anna discipline. I wish this was how I learned discipline!

Eager to be released from the fresh hell she’s in, Anna agrees to do anything, ANYTHING, to please the guard. Lea is in charge from the very beginning and the entire scene is beyond hot! She begins with hair pulling, nipple pinching, and spanking, to which Anna responds exactly like any normal person would…she moans with pleasure and her panties are drenched because she’s so wet. She even arches her back like she can’t wait to get fucked, and once Lea picks up on it she knows there are no limits with this prisoner. After making her beg and plead to be fucked, Lea tells her fresh inmate she has to work for what she wants, and instructs Anna to suck her tits and fondle her clit. Even while getting finger fucked Lea remains in control, threatening to keep Anna locked up because she’s so good at eating pussy. Now it’s Anna’s turn to be pleased and Lea finger fucks her to two orgasms back-to-back. Lea isn’t done though. She fucks Anna sideways before they jump into the 69 position and munch out. Finally Anna regains some control over her quivering body and fingers Lea to an orgasm, for which Lea thanks her by stuffing her panties in Anna’s mouth (HOT!). They fool around more and then out of the blue Anna goes HAM on Lea’s pussy. Lea’s orgasm is so intense that I had to take a 20 minute break before watching the rest of the movie!

I know it’s early, but this scene is already my favorite! Lea Lexis and Anna Morna are simply amazing together in these roles. Both stayed in character and both were extremely turned on throughout the entire scene making the fantasy come to life even more. This is a perfect scene! To top it off, Lea decides to keep Ana locked up after all for a round two. I hope there’s a sequel scene soon!

Scene 2 – Dana DeArmond & Allie Rae

This movie is just too good to be true. Only on the 2nd scene and it’s my 2nd favorite. This one opens with a cool creepy/horror vibe to it. Allie Rae is asleep in her cell with a pacing Dana DeArmond as her cellie. Dana whispers something unintelligible in Allie’s ear that causes her eyes to pop open in fear (creepy is sexy!) and already you can tell is Dana is one crazy ass chick! Apparently, Allie would be passed around for cheap cigarettes if it wasn’t for Dana’s protection as a result of them fucking, but word around the prison is that Allie is talking about getting out soon and leaving Dana behind. Being the psychopath that she is, Dana is visibly upset and doesn’t trust Allie’s word that she is going anywhere. Allie is scared shitless, so the only logical thing to do is to have sex with Dana to calm her down, and like any normal crazy person, Dana demands Allie eat her ass to prove her loyalty and then twerks on her face. It’s pretty awesome. Much like Lea Lexis in the previous scene, Dana has complete control over Allie and the scene, but the fact that she’s out of her mind adds a different level of sexiness to the entire encounter. She lays Allie over her knee and proceeds to spank her before eating her pussy like a woman on a mission! Its obvious Allie is loving every minute of it and when Dana gets behind her (my favorite position!) and fingers the shit out of her pussy while covering her mouth I blew one and took 2 minutes to myself. Allie lasted maybe 3 minutes longer than me courtesy of crazy Dana and the dirty talk. Control remains with Dana and Allie starts to go down on her I can’t help but wonder how the hell her bush stays so damn perfect! I mean, how much do even pay for that type of consistency? Do you do it yourself? (Dana, we must talk). Anyway, Allie gets her face fucked and something about the bed creaking turned me on. Dana cums while looking directly into Allie’s eyes then tells Allie to touch her pussy while she touches hers. Those two minutes was a volcano erupting and they follow it up with Dana grinding on Allie’s back.

Allie’s ass ends up red as fuck from Dana slapping it nonstop and both prisoners decide to go to sleep…or so you think. Just when Dana closes her eyes Allie gets up and walks over to the cell bars looking abused, used and desperate to get away, then Dana pops up and sits on the bed all creepy like watching Allie like an invisible stalker. It’s pretty fucking hot! I have feeling something else went down and I would love to know what it was! Part 2 pleeeeaaaasssseeeee, Vespoli!?!

Scene 3 – Lily Cade & Jelena Jensen

I love the plot in this scene because it’s classic betrayal! Lily Cade is a drug dealer and Jelena Jensen is an undercover cop sent in to infiltrate her organization and take her down. Lily finds out about Jelena’s agenda, but only after the two have fallen in love, so of course Jelena tries to convince Lily that she’s had a change of heart and now wants to help her escape the long arm of the law. Since my girl Lily ain’t no dummy she already has Jensen tied up to a hotel bed while wielding a gun around like a paranoid schizophrenic, but it’s clear to see Jelena has the upper hand. Besides the fact that her body is crazy hot, Lily desperately wants to believe her as she’s overcome with love. She starts crying, and even though she’s torn, a scene with crying women often leads to a heavy make-out session and that’s exactly what happens here. After Lily cuts Jelena loose, the two bump and grind before clothes start coming off. I have to say, Lily Cade stays in character throughout this scene and really sells the plot and enhances the fantasy for the viewer. She looks hurt and angry and betrayed so when she finger fucks Jelena, it’s with a vengeance. She also brings up a good point while finger banging the undercover cop. Of course they’ve had her bugged the entire time she’s been on the case, so have the cops heard them fucking? Are they on to the love affair? Is this a double cross from Jensen? Suspense and sex is the best! After munching down and making Jelena cum, it’s Lily’s turn and the cop turned first lady of organized crime is sure to make it count. Her whole body shakes with orgasm as Jelena eats her out!

From here Lily fondles Jelena to another orgasm before having another one herself, and the action kind of dwindles away until they start tribbing and Lily goes into her ass up position while Jelena goes tit-to-clit crazy and fingers the shit out of Lily from behind. The orgasms are so real in this scene you can feel them through the screen and the ending is way more than topping on the cake. After fucking each other’s brains out, they kiss and look into each other’s eyes before a moment of clarity happens and they both reach for the gun that Lily was previously waving around. You hear a loud bang but the screen is black so you don’t know who shot who! Cliff hangers are such teasers!

Scene 4 – Zoey Monroe & Morgan Lee

Morgan Lee is beating the living shit out of Zoey Monroe as soon as this scene opens, and when I say beating, I mean beating! Zoey doesn’t stand a chance as she gets ran down and pummeled to a mess. Flash forward and somehow the two end up in the same holding cell. Zoey is obviously out for revenge and picks a fight as soon as Morgan walks in. Naturally this leads to sex with Zoey taking control and regaining everything that was lost as a result of that royal ass whopping she took. Morgan unconvincingly yells stop as Zoey kisses and climbs on top of her, but Zoey isn’t having any of that as she eats Morgan out from behind and smacks her ass making her vow to never forget her name. It’s impossible not to notice that both girls have incredibly sex back tattoos and being the lover of tats that I am, that just helped push me over the edge a little. Morgan eats Zoey out to perfection before the two jump into a 69. Zoey jiggles Morgan’s ass on her face while licking her like crazy and it’s pretty fun to watch!

They scissor and 69 more before cumming all over each other’s faces at least 2 more times each. I really enjoyed the chemistry between Zoey and Morgan in this scene. They’re completely bought in from the beginning and once the action starts its like cameras aren’t even in the room. There are no words after all the bumping, grinding and clit rubbing so the pair just kiss until it fades to black.

Prison Lesbians Vol. 3 is an instant hit and definitely worth the time as this is one you won’t walk away from disappointed. Watch it here and be sure to let us know what you think!

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The Authentic Lesbian Review: Bonnie Rotten’s Sybian Showdown

Bonnie Rotten's Sybian Showdown CoverBonnie Rotten’s Sybian Showdown is exactly what it sounds like and you aren’t going to believe how fun it is. I laughed throughout this entire movie which was a surprise to me. First though, let me just say that Bonnie Rotten is even sexier with clothes on! When Sybian Showdown opens, she’s in a pretty decent backyard (not impressed with the pool) with 10 bombshells all dressed in bikinis. Being the foodie that I am, I noticed a few coolers and platters on the tables which seem standard for your typical cookout, but this isn’t your typical cookout, so the first question that popped into my head was what did they have to eat and drink? (Hopefully one of them reads this and lets me know.) No time is wasted lining the girls up and explaining the rules (yay rules!) to the showdown. First, all the girls pick a number out of a hat to determine in what order they ride the Sybian, and then Bonnie explains that each girl has to stay on for 5 minutes while the other girls are allowed to do whatever they want to the rider. They’re being judged on how many times they cum, how consistent the ride is (whether they need a break), and much fun they have. It all sounds amazing because it is!

Scene 1 – Jennifer White

First up is Jennifer White, a very sexy brunette with a sultry deep voice and a nice rack! As soon as Jennifer sits on the Sybian the girls attack, which becomes the theme, and her nipples get so hard they look ripe for picking. With 1:30 left to ride, Bonnie kicked up the speed and vibration and the cum is still on White’s clit by the end of it all. Safe to say everyone had a good time out the gate!

Scene 2 – Piper Perri

Piper Perri immediately stuck out to me because she has that energy about her that demands attention. Bonnie makes a joke that the cock is bigger than her, and she isn’t far off. Piper is super skinny with tiny boobs, braces, and a tiny voice to match. When she jumps on, she’s instantly taken by the vibrations and it like she’s being tickled the whole time. The girls decide to hold Piper’s hips down and that seems to really get her going.

Scene 3 – Selma Sins

Right before Selma Sins sits down to ride the Sybian, the girls decide to name it Bill, and I don’t know why, but I found that hilarious. I found Sins’ voice slightly annoying, mostly because she’s a screamer, but I thought her bush was pretty cool and her body is crazy hot! After her ride starts and the girls jump on, you can see Selma getting turned on a little more with each slap, and I love me a girl that likes a little slap and tickle with more emphasis on the slapping. Bonnie covers her mouth from behind and randomly shuts the vibration off and on again for shock value, which really got me and Selma going. Ready for a surprise?  Remember Piper Perri from one scene ago? She earns the nickname “Tiny Terror” for her femdom mannerisms and the reputation sticks for the rest of the flick. Who saw that coming!?!

Scene 4 – Alice Lighthouse

This one was a lot of fun to watch! Alice Lighthouse is a really hot brunette with a bubbly personality and a look that kind of reminds me of Kelly from Saved By The Bell. Her boobs had me drooling and I like her tats too. When the girls attack after her ride starts she proclaims, “I want it rougher, bitches!” and shit really gets real! First off, that’s another attitude I didn’t see coming, but was extremely happy to see, and second, she takes that shit like a champ! I mean all of it! Alice has about 5 girls slapping and choking her while head mistress Bonnie Rotten just plays with her forcing her to beg for the Sybian to be turned back on. Piper Perri strikes again too, this time sitting on Alice’s shoulders for maximum pressure against the vibrator. Very hot scene!

Scene 5 – Sasha Heart

Next up is the blonde beauty from Kentucky, Sasha Heart. Being the bad ass bitch that she is, Sasha decided to take things up a notch by requesting a bigger dick to sit on. She has a little bit of a hard time getting that bad boy in, but once she does, the girls jump right in with the face slapping and shit talking. At one point Sasha calls for Cali Carter saying she’s the only one there she finds sexy, and I couldn’t stop my mind from wondering and imaging those two in a scene together. Watching them interact on the side throughout this flick was pretty exciting too, but you’ll have to find that little gem on your own. Sasha’s entire body quivers with her 1st orgasm, and although Tiny Terror ruined it a little for me, this is my favorite scene thus far.

Scene 6 – Elsa Jean

Elsa Jean is so fucking pretty your eyes might hurt if you look at her too long! Seriously, she’s so damn pretty that the girls have been calling her “princess” all day and even sing that horrible “Let It Go” song that got stuck in my head thanks to them. Elsa responds to the Sybian and the 10 freaky girls surrounding her like you might expect she would, and yes, that’s based completely off her looks. She smiles and giggles a lot, seems to hold a lot in (hence the “Let It Go” ridiculousness), and gets completely dominated. She really does look like a princess though, and as a lesbian who wants to fuck the princesses instead of being one, I had a lot of fantasy fun with this one. Just look at the face!

Scene 7 – Alessandra Noir

Coming straight outta Baton Rouge (you though I was gonna say Compton, didn’t you?) Alessandra Noir immediately caught my attention because she has two different color eyes and it’s really noticeable during her brief introduction with Bonnie. It’s her first time on the Sybian, as with a lot of girls in this one, but it really shows with Alessandra. She appears super nervous at first, but once the girls start pinching nipples, slapping tits, and putting as much pressure on her clit as possible she literally cums to life and her moans were like music to my ears. They eventually cover her mouth and the intensity was damn near too much, but we both survived!

Scene 8 – Cali Carter

I couldn’t wait for this scene to start. I agree with Sasha that Cali Carter is the 2nd hottest chick in the group after Queen Bonnie herself, and after watching her pull and pinch and bite those who came before, I just knew they were going all in when it was finally her turn. Not only is this her first time even seeing a Sybian, but Cali admits to not being able to hold back so juices are flowing everywhere for me right now! Her body is fucking gorgeous with perfect tits and a fat pussy and the girl starts working her hips before Bonnie even turns the machine on! To top it off I’m pretty sure she cums within the first 2 minutes of vibration. Carter is so turned on that it takes the girls a little time to even jump on her, and once they do they quickly realize that when it comes to her body, you can do no wrong! Every touch was equally as intense as the next and she wasn’t lying about not being able to hold it in.

Scene 9 – Jojo Kiss

Jojo Kiss calls on her maker as soon as she sits on the Sybian and it’s obvious she doesn’t stand a chance! When the vibrations start the girls go to work on her boobs and the screams of pleasure start instantly. I liked watching Jojo more than I thought I would because I wasn’t expecting her to pop off the screen as well as she did. Counting her orgasms is impossible but it had to be somewhere around 6. The girls cover Jojo’s mouth and hold her arms behind her back while spanking and playing with her clit simultaneously sending her over the top a few more times. She rides the Sybian really nice too. I couldn’t help but wonder what it must be like to look up and see her sitting there!

Scene 10 – Jessica Malone

Up last is Jessica Malone and this could go either way. If the girls are all tired from a hard day’s work she could find herself getting cut some slack, but I have a feeling since she’s the last girl up they’re going to try and top everything that’s happened so far. That’s a gift and a curse for our little Russian dime piece Jessica. Her accent is magical! She could say just about anything and I’d melt at the knees! Even the way she said “my pussy” while lubing up got me hot and heavy. Once Bonnie turns up the heat on the Sybian Jessica shows her true side and the wild motions and moans don’t let up, thank God! Piper Perri got in my way again with her demands for Jessica to say “I like to cum” in Russian, but Jessica is so discombobulated that she yells out in English “I like to cum…in Russia” and it’s a pretty hilarious moment, so thanks Tiny Terror…I guess. Everybody wants a piece of the gorgeous Russian and they make sure to take it! She gets her hair pulled, ass slapped, backed rode, tits grabbed and pinched, arms held back, and even tickled a little. The best part of it all is that she broke the damn Sybian! She rode that shit so hard they had to stop. Leave it to the Russian!

By this point I completely forgot this was a contest. I couldn’t even tell you how to judge it because it seemed like everybody won. That’s what the experts are for though, and I trust Bonnie Rotten with my orgasms, so when she returned after long deliberation with Russian beauty Jessica Malone as the winner I had no complaints. Make sure you watch Bonnie Rotten’s Sybian Showdown and judge for yourself!

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The Authentic Lesbian Review: Alex Chance: Family Therapist

Alex Chance Family Therapist CoverFilly Films has never disappointed me. Their plots are awesome, they always seem to cast the perfect stars, and their movies are actually made for lesbians even if all the actresses aren’t full on lesbos. I find myself waiting for their next feature time after time, so when Alex Chance: Family Therapist landed on my desk I couldn’t wait to crack it open. I knew from the title it was going to be interesting and Alex Chance has a set of boobs that clearly illustrate she’s favored by the gods. The plot at first glance seems like a winner too. Alex plays a family therapist taking us through a day in her life as a shrink helping step-sisters resolve their issues and better their relationships. Messy step-sisters in need of therapy already makes for perfect reality TV, throw in some messy step-sister sex and it just gets better, right??

Scene 1 – Alison Rey & Alex Chance

Alex is taking us through a day in her life, but before we can jump into the patient files, it’s important to understand why and how she chose her profession and unique methods. To do this, we travel backwards in time to Alex’s sophomore year in college when she roomed with her step-sister Alison Rey. Similar to many of my sophomore afternoons, Alex is masturbating in her room when her step-sister walks by her half-opened door. Under normal circumstances, one in Alison’s situation would probably tiptoe back to where she came from and never mention what was just seen. Alison, however, is not normal and neither is her dilemma. Alex hears a noise and notices step-sis at her bedroom door and invites her in to talk about what she just witnessed. It’s during this sisterly convo that Alison reveals she’s had a crush on her step-sister for a while and that she’s been watching her masturbate. Naturally, Alex is freaked the fuck out! Not enough to put clothes on, but still pretty freaked out. Eventually though she agrees to one kiss, just to see if there’s anything there, and after that it’s a wrap. The two can’t keep their hands or mouths off each other. During their talk, Alison seems innocent and nervous, talking in a low volume and keeping her eyes down, but when her dream finally comes true she looks like a pro with Alex’s beautiful boobs in her hands and makes it pretty believable that she’s been waiting for this moment for a while. They spend a lot of time exploring each other’s bodies before big step-sis takes over and makes Alison cum in 20 minutes. The positions aren’t really anything to write home about and it felt like the energy between them dropped off towards the end of the scene, but the finger fucking in this scene is right on point.

Scene 2 – Hollie Mack & Xandra Sixx

After her sexual experience with her step-sister, Alex finds her calling and decides to help step-sisters everywhere who might find themselves in situations they aren’t comfortable exploring or don’t know how to express. Enter Xandra Sixx. Xandra explains that she has always looked up to her older step-sister, Hollie Mack, but that now things have taken a sexual turn and she can’t control her feelings. Our understanding shrink explains that these feelings are perfectly normal as Xandra reveals one of her latest fantasies. Hollie is naked in the kitchen making a PB&J sandwich, body glistening and tatted up (and I’m already drooling all over myself), when she notices Hollie eyeing her from the kitchen table. She demands Xandra take her right then and there and instantly this fantasy gets even hotter. Both girls have amazingly fit and gorgeous bodies. There aren’t many curves in this scene, but the chemistry between the girls is fucking hot! They start with the typical kissing and rubbing, making sure to spend extra time on each other’s boobs (just the way I like!) before Hollie licks and fingers Xandra’s pussy. Next it’s Xandra’s turn to please big step-sis and from the way Hollie moans and squirms all over the kitchen counter, little sis is extremely well versed in the art of female pleasure. My favorite part in this scene, and what makes it stand out in my opinion, is the tribbing. I’m a huge fan of tribbing and scissoring when it’s done right (I’m forever in debt to you Sinn Sage!) and these two meet my gold standards. The position is spot on with their clits rubbing together, they look into each other’s eyes (worth at least 3 rewinds if you ask me), and the glorious sound of their asses smacking together cost me about 20 bucks at the laundry mat for clean sheets! Seriously, it’s that good…too bad it was just Xandra’s fantasy.

Scene 3 – Dani Jensen & Kimberly Brix

Dani Jensen is Dr. Chance’s next patient and her problem seems simple enough on the surface. She and her step-sister aren’t getting along anymore after pretty much being best friends most of their lives, and it seems like sis Kimberly Brix is begging for a little quality time and attention. Chance suggest a good old fashioned sleepover, but with a Truth or Dare game leaning towards the sexual tension that has no doubt developed between the two. Dani seems a little weirded out after leaving Dr. Chance’s office, but she calls her step-sister and the two plan a weekend together at their parents’ house. The first thing I noticed was that both girls are gingers and BAM, I found a new turn on! The girls talk, and Kimberly admits she’s been feeling a little left out of her step-sister’s life and that she could have really used a shoulder and an ear when she broke up with her boyfriend. Dani promises to be less self-indulged and all appears on the up and up. TheTruth or Dare game lasts a little too long for my taste, but they finally end up naked running around their parents’ bedroom (knowing what was about to go down I couldn’t help but find this a hilarious touch and a little rude too). When they finally get into it, the kissing is long and sensual, like they want to savor the moment, which I found cool considering the plot, and watching two gingers get it in was way more exciting than I would have guessed! Dani fingers and eats Kimberly’s pussy first, but Kimberly seems like more of the expert, making Dani’s feet and legs shake uncontrollably as she cums. Next a little more of the girls’ freaky side comes out as Kimberly dares Dani to eat her asshole and they proclaim themselves sexy naughty ginger step-sister perverts. Again, there wasn’t really anything special about the sex itself, but the chemistry between the two made the fantasy crazy hot and definitely pushed me over the edge. The humor at the end of the scene after all was said and done was a nice touch also.

Scene 4 – Alex Chance & Keisha Grey & Karlee Grey

Keisha Grey and Karlee Grey do not get along at all. The beef is serious with these two as they blame one another for getting kicked out of a rave a few days earlier. Clearly sex is what’s missing, and thank the lord above for Dr. Chance. She instructs the girls to stare deeply into each other’s eyes, which of course causes them to crack the fuck up, but they worked it into the plot and it added to the immaturity of the step-sisters’ characters which I really liked. Chance then shows them how to kiss and from there everything takes off. I must say, when it comes to body type all three of these women are top notch. First off, BOOBIES! Seriously, I would have loved to be on set just for the motor boating practice! Second, we have facesitting, and just typing those words is enough to get me there, so watching these curvy boobalicious babes act it out was perfect! The pussy eating, finger fucking and shared masturbation are your standard basic, and when Dr. Chance sees that the step-sisters are finally getting the hang of it she leaves them in her office alone to let them finish working there issues out. Keisha and Karlee 69 and cum everywhere literally releasing their problems and yay! Everyone is getting along and all is right in step-sister world.

The step-sister/family fantasy is not something I’m into so I found myself pushing that out of my head and focusing more on how the girls looked, how they interacted, and their chemistry. However, if the family fantasy is your thing and you’re looking to give this a try, there’s a bigger issue. The editing is pretty bad throughout this one. It’s as if nobody took the time to actually sit down and watch this in its entirety and it was rushed to press. It could be the master DVD we received, but since it’s a master I’m betting that’s not the case. In the 2nd scene, Alex asks Xandra a question and when they cut back to Xandra for her answer, it’s to a completely different question and doesn’t make sense at all. In the 3rd scene, after Dani and Kimberly sit on their parent’s bed and begin talking, the scene cuts and starts over. Initially they had already begun taking off their shoes and getting into comfortable conversation so the restart is very noticeable and annoying if you’re actually attempting to follow the plot. In the 4th scene, we get something similar to the 2nd where Karlee doesn’t answer Chance’s question at all. For me, it was frustrating, but the point is the sex after all, and because of that I’d still recommend it.

That being said, make sure to check out Alex Chance: Family Therapist right here and follow me on Twitter @authenticlezz1 and the rest of the gang!

The Authentic Lesbian Review: Hairy Armpits, Hairy Bush – Lesbian Boat Orgy

Hairy Armpits, Hairy Bush - Lesbian Boat OrgyHairy Armpits, Hairy Bush – Lesbian Boat Orgy didn’t exactly sound like my preferred cup of tea when it was assigned. I love boats, the open sea, lesbians, and orgies, but hair…I think not! I mean, a manicured bush down under holds a certain sex appeal, but being hairy all over (because most people aren’t now, it’s become a thing that some label “natural”) is not something I’m into (some people are naturally un-hairy…why doesn’t anyone ever talk about that?). That being the case, I do enjoy watching porn I haven’t experienced before from studios unknown to me, and I have been turned on by things I never would have even found if I didn’t work here, so it would be unfair to pre-judge. Plus, more important than the hair, there’s a lesbian orgy happening on a boat and I’m not dumb enough to turn that down.

Captain Samone Shade promised to take her gal pals out on her boat to sail the beautiful seas, but she had no idea they’d be so lazy during the trip. When we open, El Capitan walks from under deck to find her crew sitting around like shit is sweet even though she gave them all specific tasks to complete. Samone sets her sights on Ava Solanas first, having the other crew members, the beautiful Nikki Silver and Luka Peona, help her punish the lazy horn ball. They start with some light spanking and dirty talk before Luka grabs a boat oar and goes to town on Ava’s ass until she literally can’t take anymore. Next, they tie her hands to a post on the boat and things get way more interesting. Word is Ava can squirt, and Captain Samone wants to see it in action, so she instructs Luka to finger fuck Ava until the deed is done.  This part is so hot I found myself wanting to be Ava! She begs and pleads with Luka to go deeper faster, and once that spot is hit it’s so intense that the camera falls over and the audio only streams through one channel for the rest of the movie…that’s some serious squirt power and it came across beautifully on screen!

After her right arm workout session ends, Luka is horny and begging to cum next. Nikki eats her pussy and she cums pretty quickly, but that isn’t enough, so Nikki whips out a double headed dildo and they ride that thing like it’s about to save their lives. When Luka finally has had enough she jumps off, but continues to fuck, lick, and finger Nikki. Nikki can’t hold on anymore and creams all over Luka’s face. This is the point when I realized that I’m watching 6 of the most beautiful natural tits bounce around in one place that I’ve ever seen before! All 6 are perfectly round with proportioned areolas (just call me the breast inspector!) that had my mouth drooling and hands outstretched towards the computer monitor just begging for a handful.  Apparently Ava felt the same because she grabbed as much boob as she possible could while Nikki’s pussy was getting pleasured by Luka.

Finally, it’s time for the tables to turn. The crew, realizing that they outnumber the captain 3 to 1 (only after they’ve all had multiple orgasms), decides the captain needs to be punished. After all, she brought them out on her fancy boat expecting them to help her run the damn thing, but never showed them what they should do (Sounds like my job. I kid, I kid). If that isn’t reason enough for uproar and some light femdom, then nothing is! The three tie Captain Samone’s hands up and strip her down, exposing 2 more beautiful boobs in the process. It’s fitting that Ava is the first to punish the bound captain since she was Samone’s first target, and boy, does she get her revenge. She fingers the hairy captain like it’s a personal mission to make her squirt and Luka follows up with strap-on power, fucking Samone doggystyle and then missionary while the captain partially dangles over the boat. If I had to guess I’d say she probably wouldn’t mind being punished again, and I’d definitely watch.

While the girls are way too hairy for me, the sex (and setting) really put this one over the top and made me forget everything I’m not attracted to. The tone was light and playful which is always nice in amateur content and the light slap and tickle theme was right up my alley. Make sure you check out Hairy Armpits, Hairy Bush – Lesbian Boat Orgy and judge for yourself.

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The Authentic Lesbian Review: Tight Places – A Drop Of Color

Tight Places A Drop Of ColorThis week, I went to my wonderful editor-in-chief looking for something to review that would take me back to my roots. I’ve made it pretty clear that I love watching all types of porn with all types of people in it, but lately I’ve been in the mood for more dyke/queer content that I could easily relate to. Why? I have no idea. It’s like when you crave chocolate or ice cream out of the blue for two weeks and then take a break and try nutri-grain bars for a month. Anyway, Reel Queer Productions was suggested and I found Nenna’s porn gem Tight Places – A Drop Of Color. Everything from the title to the box cover commanded my attention and even the opening credits were impressive. The music is just right and the shots are creative, but what I like most is that the entire cast is made up of queer people of color. I couldn’t have created a more relatable title than this if I tried.


Scene 1 – Brooklyn Skyy & Vai

Opening with a brief introduction, Brooklyn Skyy reveals that this is her first time performing in front of the camera, but what stuck out to me was her style. She already has a cool look, but the leather jacket and shoes were right up my alley. Already I felt like I could relate to her and that’s exactly what I was looking for. Immediately following Brooklyn’s intro, we’re taken to a patio setting (the vibe it gave me was “lesbian outdoor lounge”) where we meet Vai. There’s no introduction for her (yet) but I didn’t get hung up on that because she’s already taking her clothes off and that’s 10 times better in my opinion!  Vai is a sexy little brunette with the perfect handful of tits. She and Brooklyn seem drawn to each other from the jump, and their bodies look amazing together with tattoos intertwined and boobs bouncing in sync. We get some intense finger fucking that results in Vai squirting all over the place followed by clit stimulation that proves Brooklyn knows her way around a wet vagina! The scene is only about 12 minutes long, but by the end Vai was thank-you kissing Brooklyn like she was the only person in the world to remember her birthday.

Scene 2 – Akira Raine & Kohen

The chemistry between Akira Raine & Kohen is evident as soon as the scene starts. They laugh like they’re sharing an inside joke and if I saw these two in real life, I’d guess they were a couple. Both are covered in tats, which is an instant turn on for me and again, we get straight to the action with Akira fingering Kohen until she literally cums laughing (I’ve been with a chick that laughed after orgasms and it was kinda hot to tell the truth). Kohen then flips the script and starts fingering Akira who is absolutely gorgeous! Her right arm got a serious workout that Akira can attest to and would probably love to do over just because of the intensity. I counted at least 3 orgasms and 1 possible orgasm. After all is said and done, we get a little ass slapping which looks like it could have gotten the two fired up again because the kisses that follow are some of the most passionate you’ll ever see in porn, period! I felt like they forgot a camera was even there and I love when that happens.

Scene 3 – Brooklyn Skyy & Vai

Now we learn a little about Vai and it turns out she’s been in a few movies before working with trans and queer performers, which was a shock to me just because of how raw and natural she seems as opposed to lots of amateur performers who are camera-conscious throughout their scenes. Keeping with the pattern, Vai and Brooklyn jump straight into the fun stuff, this time finding themselves in the bath/laundry room. The kissing is hot and heavy and, most importantly, REAL. Brooklyn further enhances her role as the lady pleaser, propping Vai on top of the sink and letting her fingers work their magic on her clit until she cums. Vai’s moans are so impassioned that I had to pause the flick a few times just to make sure I didn’t blow my top! My favorite part in this scene is when Brooklyn asks Vai how she feels about putting her head in the toilet. Vai asks if the toilet is clean (at which point my girlfriend stood up and starting clapping to show her approval for Vai being hygiene conscious while getting her brains fucked out) and after a little chuckle she agrees to try out this new position. Once Vai got over the loud echo effect, Brooklyn fingers and fucks the shit out of her with a strap-on.  I got the feeling that I was getting a little more of Brooklyn and what she likes in this scene because she was in control the entire time. It was nice watching someone completely in tune with the female body only concerned about pleasing the woman she’s with multiple time, but still being able to incorporate a little roughness into the sex with hair pulling and spanking.

Scene 4 – Akira Raine & Brooklyn Skyy & Vai & Kohen

I thought I was in for a foursome treat when this scene opened, but instead it’s a couple swap that turned out to be more exciting than I thought it would be. First, we learn that this is Kohen’s first time on camera (but not with an audience) and a little of that goofy personality that was slightly visible in scene 2 comes out here. In fact, throughout the scene you can hear her and Vai constantly laughing and joking with each other during foreplay and that’s a major turn on for me! I love when me and my girl can appreciate the awkwardness that comes with trying a new position or when the neighbor happens to be playing “Put Your Dick in Her Mouth” while we’re getting it on, with a little laughter. It takes some of the seriousness and pressure off of the moment. Meanwhile across the room from the jokesters, Akira and Brooklyn are in their own little world getting to know each other’s bodies and spending a lot of time sucking each other’s tits (yay boobies!), before they steal the show with their spirited and vigorous fucking. Brooklyn makes Akira moan with so much pleasure and energy that Vai and Kohen stop what they’re doing to watch the pair across the room for a moment on more than one occasion. Eventually Vai even suggests going in a separate room so her and Kohen can concentrate and enjoy each other without all the noise.  I personally couldn’t get enough of the noise! When you have a pretty girl sitting on your cock moaning in your ear because your stroke game is on point you want that to continue for as long as possible, so needless to say, I was a very happy authentic lesbian during this scene.

Scene 5 – Akira Raine

Akira is the only cast member to have starred in porno flicks before this and the punk alpha femme vibe she gives off is enough to make you wet alone! This solo with Akira in the kitchen while water boils on the stove was exactly what the doctor ordered after watching Brooklyn fuck her to multiple orgasms. It wasn’t the hottest of the 6, but it allotted some much needed cool down time, plus you get to marvel at Akria’s amazingly hot body! Her tits are smaller than Vai’s but still represent a nice little handful and that woman’s love handles make me wanna scream! Nothing like hitting it from the back and grabbing onto those babies! How I would love to be the kitchen counter in this one!

Scene 6 – Brooklyn Skyy & Akira Raine & Vai

The chemistry between Brooklyn and Akira still goes strong in this threesome, and for me it took away from the scene because Vai is left on the outside. It doesn’t come across as something intentional, it’s just one of those things where you can tell Brooklyn (and her cock) is drawn to one over the other. The raw realness of the scene makes up for the unevenness for the most part, but it would have been nice to see Brooklyn spread her dick action between the two more. That being said, I can’t blame BK at all! Akira’s response to her every touch makes it impossible for her to stop (trust me, I’ve been there!) and the slack is picked up towards the end when Akira, still being fucked by Brooklyn, finger bangs Vai to pleasure and then fondles her clit for a little something extra. The three are sexy as hell together ultimately and I’d love to watch them go at it again!

Overall, I was very pleased with this movie. It definitely lived up to its hype and it was just what I was looking for. If you’re like me and find yourself craving some good ol’ fashioned lesbian queer porn make sure to check out Tight Places – A Drop Of Color. You won’t be disappointed!

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Authentic Lesbian Review: Bisexual Pick Ups Scene 3

Bisexual Pick UpsThere are so many things right with Aiden Starr’s Bisexual Pick Ups that it’s impossible to even list them all, but scene three with Jeze Belle, Brock Avery and Ruckus XXX was soooooo perfect I had to give it it’s very own review. I mean, this scene HAS to win an award! It’s that good, and there are so many factors that play into why.

First, I like plots. I like a back story and a little humor with my sex.  It doesn’t matter if they change from scene to scene or get more and more elaborate as the movie unfolds, I just like being told a story. In my opinion it adds to the fantasy and this one was short sweet and to the point. Ruckus is selling one of his old motorcycles and Brock is a beginner looking to buy his first hog. Of course Ruckus suggests that Brock sit on the bike and get a feel for it before going out on a test drive, and of course Brock’s legs and midsection need a little adjusting. Ruckus makes sure to let his hands linger a little too long and porn gold is what ensues. Brock lets him know he notices by saying “You’re very friendly” and the next thing you know lips are being complimented and clothes are being taken off! Next thing you know, Brock’s girlfriend Jeze walks in on her boyfriend with a mouth full of cock and doesn’t hesitate joining in. If only…

Second, everyone in this scene is fucking HOT! Clearly I’m not attracted to men. The lack of titties and ass just doesn’t make sense to me. However, I can certainly appreciate the male body and Brock Avery has it going on! Everything from his hair to his muscular build just fits and pairing him with Ruckus XXX’s skinny tattooed cute self was genius (the motorcycle was the perfect prop). As soon as I saw the two of them in the frame together for the first time I wanted to watch them fuck, and when Jeze Belle finally entered the picture I felt like I was somehow cheating the system. She’s sexy, pierced, tatted up and to top it off her hair is green! Nothing screams “I’m sexy and I know it” like bright colored hair and her boldness works the shit out of it. This was hot people overload and if there isn’t already an award for casting it needs to be created ASAP!

Okay, so we have beautiful people and a short script to match, but what we’re ultimately here for is the sex, and if that isn’t fantastic nothing else really matters.  Luckily for us it’s beyond fantastic. In a lot of bisexual themed movies what you really get is two guys who are cool with giving each other blowjobs but both are obviously there for the girl. This scene is so awesome, in my opinion, because it’s balanced! Whenever there’s a threesome in the mix you have to make sure everyone plays an equal part and nobody is left in a corner, but with bisexual flicks I expect more than that. No one should be excluded but I want guys who enjoy fucking guys and I want that to come across in the scene. Brock, Jeze and Ruckus have that shit down. If I had to guess I’d say these 3 are friends in real life, that’s how amazing their chemistry is in this scene! Brock and Jeze know exactly what turns each other on and Ruckus plays the 3rd wheel role perfectly, sticking his dick where it’s wanted right on cue and pretty much letting these two gang up on that great body of his (they both seem really turned on by him).

As a lesbian who loves watching gay porn I was really excited to see how much dick on dick action I would get to see between Brock and Ruckus because up until this point there hadn’t been much. Don’t get me wrong, Jeze is fucking awesome throughout the scene and her body is sexy as hell. Brock fucking her ass while Ruckus holds a Hitachi to her clit blew my mind along with a few other body parts more than once. Watch for yourself…

But Brock stole the show halfway through the scene. You can tell from the very beginning he’s into Ruckus, especially when Ruckus is fucking him and he says “don’t hold back” while Jeze sits on his face. Things get even more intense after Brock’s first orgasm (he has 3 total!) when he isn’t quite ready to stop. He keeps jerking himself off and tells Ruckus to fuck him again and then magic happens! I had never witnessed an anal orgasm before this. In fact, I didn’t even know if they were real or not since I don’t do much butt stuff, but Brock and Ruckus opened up a whole new world for me. I mean, just look at his face!

Right! That shit stopped me dead in my tracks it was so intense and real. How can you not cum from watching that!? Just imagining how Brock feels is a turn on. I could watch that part a million times! From there, besides Brock looking completely exhausted, Ruckus continues fucking Jeze until he cums in both of their mouths and they swap and spit it around for a while. Amazingly enough Brock has yet another orgasm (this dude is my hero) and Jeze walks away feeling like a bad bitch having caused 2 of the 4 orgasms in the room that day.

Well, I’m going to smoke a cigarette and take a nap after that one. Make sure you watch Bisexual Pick Ups  and follow me and the gang on twitter @authenticlezz1 and!


The Authentic Lesbian Review: Leather Bound Dykes From Hell 2015

Leather Bound Dykes From Hell 2015When Leather Bound Dykes From Hell 2015 was placed on my desk I couldn’t believe my eyes! I hadn’t seen a Leather Bound Dykes title from Bizarre Video since 2005 and my initial thought was “who’s trying to rip them off?” until I realized this wasn’t a fraud. Bizarre came back to the leather bound dykes scene and they did it with a bang! It always seemed like each addition to the series got a little rougher than the ones before, and this 2015 flick follows that model. The leather, bondage, and dykes are all taken to a new level and it’s pure joy to watch! Rope burns, forced orgasms, and floggers are party favors where I come from, and this one was a long time coming!

Scene 1 – Mila Blaze & Isa Mendez & Lexy Villa

After telling us how much she likes strip clubs that stay open until early morning hours we find out that Isa Mendez is back for bondage seconds. Immediately after that she’s bound in pile driver position (the lips tattoo on her ass is so sexy to me!) and in walks Mila Blaze and Lexy Villa, two fully clothed mean ass dyke bitches who want nothing more than to tear this girl a new coochie! Aren’t your panties just oozing wet already?! A dildo attached to a stick is thrust into her wet pussy while she’s face fucked with one of the biggest strap-ons I’ve ever seen. The face fucking was pretty fantastic and the fact that Mila and Lexy made her thank them for it after gagging for a good 2 minutes was a nice push over the edge. When they finally think she’s had enough, they go even harder, tying her to a pole while she’s on her knees with her hands behind her back and fucking her from both ends. The suspension though really tops it all off. She’s tied to the wall with rope while hanging upside down with a fucking machine on constant penetration mode. FUN! There are a few things coming into play here. First, she’s upside down and I know personally this creates a lightheadedness that can really enhance an orgasm. Second, rope burns, yay! Pain is pleasure and you can’t help but wiggle around in that rope, especially when your titties are being flogged by two extremely sexy dominatrices pushing you to limits you didn’t even know were there. And third, the fucking machine never stops, so forced orgasms are definitely in the mix. And this is only the 1st scene! You gotta love Bizarre.

Scene 2 – Layla Price & Isa Mendez & Makinlee Marx

Isa Mendez is back, but this time her and Makinlee Marx are the dykes from hell and they’re sending Layla Price there on wobbly legs. Layla tells us in her opening interview that she’s tried bondage in her personal life on multiple occasions and that makes me think they won’t be taking it lightly on her. She admits to liking rough sex more than vanilla sex and wishes she could do it every day. Enter mean bitches. The goal throughout this scene, I’m convinced, is to see if the female body will eventually just stop having orgasms because Layla is seriously tortured with them the entire time and it’s so hot you’ll probably want to watch it twice. Initially she’s bound to a Sybian with a ball gag in her mouth with her panties on until our dominatrices turn it on and never think about turning it off again. Within the first 5 minutes Layla is cumming all over the place (lucky Sybian!) legs quivering already. On top of that Makinlee thinks a little clit stimulation is necessary and Layla is put to the test! I must admit, she did way better than I would have. By the time they let her off the Sybian I’m surprised she can still walk, not that she needs to, because they immediately bend her pretty little ass over and each picks a hole to stuff! If you love forced orgasms as much as I do WATCH THIS SCENE. Needless to say, Layla was beyond too tired for an exit interview. I imagine she took an hour nap right there on set. I needed one and all I did was watch!

Scene 3 – Riley Ray & Marina Angel

Marina Angel is a sweet looking 18 year-old with a thing for bondage and the cutest little ass you ever will see. She has the girl-next-door look that makes you wanna do sex to her every which way you can imagine, with an emphasis on anything dirty you can think of (that’s not just me right?)! Her dominatrix, Riley Ray, gets right to the point and stuffs a huge strap-on down Marina’s throat before putting a Hitachi to her soaking wet pussy and denying her orgasm after orgasm. Eventually Marina can’t hold it in anymore and begs Riley to allow her to cum, which she does, but only after making her sex slave agree to lick her asshole if she really wants that orgasm. Little Marina never really had a choice though, and I loved every minute of it! After she repays her mistress for that costly orgasms it’s right back to it with a ball gag stuffed in her mouth and a strap in her pussy. Riley fucks and fingers non-stop while talking dirty and pushing Marina as far as she can go. The exit interview was pretty cool for this scene because you learn that Riley and Marina have an off camera relationship (I’m jealous) which explains the chemistry between the two during the scene. You also find out that each time Marina has tried a bigger strap it’s been with Riley and this scene was no different. I hope to see these two again, maybe in reversed roles, sooner rather than later. I went back for seconds about 5 times…thank you ladies!

Scene 4 – Rose Red & Lexy Villa & Brooklyn Daniels

This is my favorite of the four scenes. Lexy and the sexy Brooklyn Daniels literally give Rose Red hell and it’s awesome! Again we have a slave who loves bondage and has tried it in her personal life previous to the shoot, but this is her first time being tied with rope. Forced orgasms, orgasm denial, and suspension are her favorites and they happen to be on my top list also so already I knew this should be good. When Lexy and Brooklyn walk in, Rose is tied up in a corner with a bag over her head. They tie her to a pole, choking her with the rope, and start face fucking like there’s no tomorrow. The strap-on is another huge one, and you can tell it’s pleasure and pain for our sexy Rose as she twists and turns. One thing I found really hot about this scene is that Lexy and Brooklyn don’t allow Rose to make any noise or verbal reaction to what’s happening. She has to sit there and take it all silently. That complete control is exactly what I was expecting and it was more than welcomed by me and Rose! The suspension and forced orgasms are perfect. She’s spread eagle while dangling from the wall and there’s no way to keep still when you have a Hitachi being held on your clit, so you can actually see some of the rope burns forming as the scene progresses. When the girls take turns fucking her while she’s up there, you can see Rose loving every thrust and being pushed to the edge. By the end of it she’s left, ball gag in mouth, hanging in all her sweaty wetness still spread eagle with eyes half shut…that’s how you know that shit was amazing! Leather Bound Dykes From Hell 2015 definitely gets my approval!

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