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The Authentic Lesbian Review: Lesbian Porn For Valentine’s Day!

valentine's day 32

Valentine’s Day is naturally a pain in the ass. The amount of pressure it applies can be mind numbing, and mixing that in with someone you’ve only been getting to know for a month or two can make it even tougher.  You can’t buy her jewelry because that’s moving too fast, but an oversized stuff animal that’s going to sit in a corner of her room taking up space for a few years isn’t the answer either, at least not after you’ve graduated high school (my HS gifts were epic and often inspired tears of joy, just sayin’). This year I tried something new. There’s a new lady in my life and the connection is unbelievable, so I decided to invite her into my crazy world of porn. What’s the worst that could happen, right? Our goal was to watch a flick and review it together, so my Queen Sheba and I sat on the couch, pulled out the laptop and looked for porn to watch. We browsed through a few new releases and searched through some categories before landing on King Midas’ Big Black Titties. We got through about 60 seconds before the porn gods intervened and knocked the WiFi out, but we took it as a sign and decided to check out something from Crash Pad instead. We decided on Episode 64 with Chocolate Chip, Sadie Lune and Surgeon, a classic in my book (check out the review here) and after I explained my obsession with Pink And White Productions and Shine Louise Houston, we were off. I recorded our conversation so I could write out the review later, but when I listened to it I realized I stumbled upon a Valentine’s Day goldmine!

Big Black Titties CoverWhen you meet a new person you go through the regular list of questions like what’s your birthday, favorite color, movie, food and all that stuff you’ll probably forget in 5 months, but nobody ever takes the time to ask, “Hey girl, what’s your favorite position? Are sex toys a go? How do you feel about being on top in 69?” and those are just as important. While watching porn together my new lady and I inadvertently answered a lot of those questions for each other and it wasn’t as awkward as we thought it would be. While watching the opening of Big Black Titties (the love shared for boobs is real!), we both revealed that we like fucking outside because of the thrill of being caught, and a few minutes into Crash Pad 64, I learned that she likes spur of the moment toe sucking (something to definitely keep in my back pocket), voyeurism, and being told what to do, but without porn all of that might have taken months to come out. We also cracked the fuck up at Sadie’s facial expressions while controlling the scene.

skin diamond and jiz lee in erotic blends 2Of course, the conversation is flowing at this point with both of us sharing sexual likes and dislikes, so when the flick was over, we weren’t ready to stop. Being the huge Skin Diamond fan that I am, I wanted to show my Queen Sheba the scene with her and Jiz Lee, so I found Triangle FilmsErotic Blends 2 and the rest was history. Turns out she’s just as crazy about Skin as I am (I lucked up with this girl man!) so this scene inspired all sorts of revelations about acting, finger fucking, 69’ing, and strap-ons. We even jumped head first into the genderqueer conversation, and when she started pointing out little props she noticed in the background I knew I had to keep her around. One of my favorite things to do when watching porn is check out the set and surroundings. You’d be surprised what directors and writers throw in for humor or shock value (I love finding upside crosses hanging over doors) and it was cool watching and talking with someone else who does the same.

fuck the police from filly films coverSpeaking of humor, I HAD to introduce her to Lily Cade. Fuck The Police and Heartbreaker vs. Obscura were first on my list, but since she showed actual interest in it we checked out some of her older stuff from Homemade Media, Family Chronicles, and Sweetheart Video. Doms (or studs or butches…your choice) getting dicked down with straps was a nice discussion and opened up conversations about vulnerability and sexual identity vs. sexual preference. I must say, I was a little shocked at how open she was when we really got going. Talking about sex isn’t easy with anyone let alone someone you just met a few months prior, and watching it can certainly have its uncomfortable moments, but it felt natural and easy with her, which didn’t come as a complete surprise, but still nice to know for certain that she can handle my world of non-stop sex.

There’s nothing like building an amazing chemistry with someone only to find out that you are completely out of sync in the bedroom! So for Valentine’s Day 2016 I’m suggesting sitting that special lady down and watching a porno flick or two. It’s a great way to start the sex conversation, it’s entertaining to say the least, and hopefully you’ll learn what she likes ahead of time (fumbling around down there during go time is a no no, trust me) and open up about what rocks your boat. If your lady is as awesome as mine you may even have a bomb ass, intellectually stimulating conversation you didn’t see coming. And of course, there’s always the possibility you get laid, which is ultimately what we’re here for! Now, if that doesn’t make your Valentine’s Day slightly easier, she ain’t the one.

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The Authentic Lesbian Review: TS Pussy Hunters – Big Booty Nurse Gives Another Big Booty Nurse A Pelvic Exam With Her Cock

TS Pussy Hunters Nikki Delano & TS Foxxy CoverI am so excited to finally write a review! I became obsessed with their Ultimate Surrender and Waterbondage titles in 2012 and now I can add TS Pussy Hunters to the list. On top of being creative and adventurous with their content, always manages to get the chemistry and sex in perfect harmony and TS Pussy Hunters – Big Booty Nurse Gives Another Big Booty Nurse A Pelvic Exam With Her Cock is no exception. (Also, how fun is that title!?) I’m not behind the scenes or anything, but a big part of why I think the chemistry is always top notch is because of the effort they put into casting, and I love that they give us a sneak peek into that process with their before and after interviews. There are lots of people who want to get right to the sex, and while I appreciate that just as much as the next hornball, I still like to exchange names, likes and dislikes, favorite positions and all that jazz too. It’s fun to get into the minds of the people you’re about to fuck, even if only in fantasy, and is awesome in their delivery of the opportunity.

Nikki Delano and TS Foxxy in latex

Nikki Delano and TS Foxxy are gorgeous to look at. Nikki has long blonde hair that begs to be pulled while Foxxy rocks her brunette hair pulled back off her face with her beauty on full display. Both have big breasts (the very first thing I noticed) and are wearing those sexy tight nurse uniforms that look extremely hard to take off but are crucial to the fantasy. From the opening interview we learn that neither woman has anything completely off limits, although Nikki doesn’t like her hair pulled hard (see, I would have fucked that up if not for the interview!). Foxxy is into all things oral, which means there should be some sexy biting and kissing in this one. They also went over the stop words and gestures which I found interesting given some of the issues being brought to light within the sex worker industry in general. It’s nice to know there are rules and necessary precautions in place that are actually being followed.

Now for some action! When we open the scene Nikki is sitting at her desk talking on the phone about constantly being sick. As she hangs up Foxxy walks in and tells Nikki it’s all in her head. Although she half admits to being a hypochondriac, Nikki asks Foxxy to examine her anyway just to make sure, paying special attention to her breasts and then pussy (Nikki has a very pretty pussy btw). It’s going to be overtime, but Foxxy is a good friend and waste no time getting her fingers up there. She says everything feels okay, but you can tell something else is going through her head as she tells Nikki to close her eyes and lay back. Watching Foxxy eat pussy was a major turn on! She takes her time and from the sound of things she does a damn good job because Nikki starts moaning like crazy and forgets all about her illnesses.

Nikki Delano and TS Foxxy

From here TS Foxxy’s inner dominatrix starts to come out and I love her tender aggressiveness if that makes any sense at all. You know that when she’s slapping your face or choking you out she’s doing it with love. It comes across really well when she fucks Nikki’s face, evidenced by the gagging and spit covered cock. Blowjobs aren’t my thing at all and even though it lasted a little longer than I wanted it to, it was cool watching the dom/sub dynamic develop into Foxxy taking complete control of the scene. She pulls Nikki up from her knees after slapping her around and biting her nipples and kind of choke walks her to the other side of the room to a hospital bed. (Side Note: Kink’s sets are incredibly detailed! Very helpful to the fantasy!) Nikki’s ass is fucking amazing in the red fishnets she’s wearing, and Foxxy takes the time to show it off to the camera before fucking her doggy style. The sound of their thighs smacking together damn near drove me wild! I didn’t think I was going to make it for a while there, but I was saved by another blowjob sequence that included some pretty awesome dick slapping (1st thing I’d do if I had a dick for a day). Nikki’s pretty pussy gets fingered again before being hammered missionary and this is when shit gets real! Foxxy goes all Energizer Bunny on her, fucking with a purpose at this point, and then brings it all to a close with her hands gripping Nikki’s neck as she creampies her pussy.

TS Foxxy fucks Nikki Delano

The ending interview was just as interesting as the opening. Both ladies look exhausted, but in a good way, and the experience through their eyes brought me back to reality. TS Foxxy talks about how refreshing it is to be with someone her height for once. Since she’s so short it makes certain positions easier, and that’s something I certainly relate to.  Nikki explained that she liked spooning with Foxxy the best because they made eye contact and the intensity was at an all time high. I really enjoyed this one so give it watch and let me know what you think.

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The Authentic Lesbian Review: I Banged My Tattooed Step-Sister In The Ass

I Banged My Tattooed Step Sister In The Ass CoverJust when you thought it was impossible to love Joanna Angel and her crew more than you already do, BAM! She goes and puts out another hit! I Banged My Tattooed Step Sister In The Ass from Burning Angel is not only fun to yell out on the subway, it’s also a sexy, funny ink-filled adventure with a different story in every scene.

Scene 1 – Joanna Angel & Anna Bell Peaks & Toni Ribas

Before realizing that Anna Bell Peaks is so fucking gorgeous that of course a bunch of people go to her house to fuck her every day, I seriously thought some type of whore house operation was going on in this scene. I fully expected Joanna Angel to sit there collecting funds for services rendered, until I realized it was way worse than that. Poor Joanna is the ugly step-sister and when another guy shows up to bang her super sexy step-sister she desperately tries to get his attention and fails horribly. Even her pop tells her she’s hideous and probably won’t grow out of it. Not willing to sit around and take it anymore, Joanna bursts into Anna Bell’s room where she’s fucking the shit out of Tony Ribas and demands to be fucked! She even tells them ugly people are better in bed because they have more to prove (supermodel looking chicks do tend to lie there…just saying’) and eventually Anna Bell gives Toni the puppy dog eyes and he agrees to fuck her step-sister.

Joanna Angel in I Banged My Tattooed Step-Sister In The Ass

All three of them look good together. Anna Bell’s tits look like the perfect resting spot and the ink between her and Joanna was enough to make me pop. The sex itself was great and there was a constant chemistry between the 3 of them throughout the scene. Toni is his usual aggressive, face-fucking, choke-you-the-fuck-out self and it was fun watching him unleash it on Joanna since she wanted to be fucked so bad. She took that shit like a pro (this is Joanna we’re talking about so no surprise there) and the anal was intensely hot! It always felt like everyone had a roll and never stuck to the side watching. I particularly like when Toni and Anna Bell gang up on Joanna in an attempt to push her over the edge. Toni fingers her into squirt mode while Anna Bell strokes her asshole with a black dildo. Joanna’s facial expressions were priceless during this part and her borderline screaming heightened the experience. Plus I really like the fact that the very first scene is a step-sister fucking her step-sister. Yay, lesbians!

Scene 2 – Small Hands & Lola Luscious

First things first, Lola Luscious is hot and extremely good at playing the bad girl. When the scene opens you hear sirens, screeching cars, and some bad ass music. It becomes pretty obvious that all that attention was for Lola, who is hiding out in her step-brother Small Hands’ apartment trying to escape a warrant for assault. Apparently she held someone down and tattooed their asshole against their will because she thought it would be hilarious. Not exactly the type you take home to mom, but you definitely show her off at the bar! Anyway, she starts talking about midget biker gang orgy sex (because what else do step-brother and step-sister talk about) and realizes step-bro isn’t as experienced sexually as she is. Naturally big step-sis wants to help out and from there we’re off. Small Hands is another aggressive fucker but what I love even more is how much time he spent eating Lola’s pussy in this one. He paid attention to detail in this one…job well done Mr. Hands!

Small Hands and Rachel Madori in I Banged My Tattooed Step-Sister In The Ass

Sexually, you get everything you’d expect from these two. The scene is intense with lots of hair pulling, tit and ass slapping, dirty talk, direct eye contact, and slight choking. And to top it off, they look amazing together. You can’t tell where his ink ends and hers begin in some positions and visually it was really cool. If art could fuck, that’s what you have here. Lola adds that extra spark with her ridiculously perfect body. She has those in your face boobs and she’s the type of girl that wants you to slap and grab them instead of caressing her nipples or something not fun like that. Watching Small Hands fuck her from behind was my favorite part. He grabs her hair and slaps her ass leaving a few hand prints, but she takes that shit like a G! You can tell it turned her on more and there’s nothing like watching someone actually enjoy their work. Both Lola and Hands seemed really comfortable with each other on screen which made the scene feel lifelike.

Scene 3 – Joanna Angel & Small Hands & Rachel Madori

This is definitely my favorite scene when it comes to plot. So dig this, Small Hands doesn’t like his new step-sister Rachel Madori. She’s always in his way and on top of that she stole one of his records. We all know how close vinyl is to one’s soul, so this is a big fucking deal and starts a big fucking argument. In walks Joanna Angel aka Mom. From here on, the exact opposite of what should happen happens and it’s brilliant! In this creepy calm mom voice, Joanna explains to Small Hands that Rachel and her father both make her happy. She then walks over to Rachel and goes to town. They make out and Joanna eats Rachel’s pussy as a demonstration of how she should be treated and how the step-siblings should go about solving their problems from here on out. Now, there’s some shit you’re never going to agree with Mom about. That’s just the way works. But when she tells you to fuck the brains out of a hot girl, you get your shit together and you fuck that hot girl, dammit! Well, that’s exactly what Small Hands does. Granted, there was an initially element of surprise Hands had to get over after watching his mom and step-sister engage in something that’s clearly been going on for a while, but there was no performance anxiety when he stepped up to the plate, dick already in hand, ready to fuck.

Rachel Madori and Small Hands in I Banged My Tattooed Step-Sister In The Ass

And that they did. Small Hands fucked the shit out of Rachel! He was a man on a mission in this scene and she was there to receive. Rachel has an ass that’s 2nd to none by the way. At one point, as she was sucking Hands off with her ass in the air, I had to put my phone down, or this review would be nonexistent. I love titties, but man oh man do I love ass, and this girl’s is up there with some of the tops. I could stare at it for hours. As I was planning to do just that, in walks Mom to check in and see how everything is going.  After Hands yells, “Mom get out of my room,” they get to the anal fucking and her expression is the perfect mixture of pain and pleasure. From there Hands fucks Rachel into apologizing for stealing and hiding his record, which is the equivalent of a tap-out in my mind, and that was a major turn on because it’s always sexy to win. After all is settled, Small Hands runs off to tell Mommy all about how he followed her directions and completely forgot about the damn record.

Scene 4 – Mr. Pete & Taurus

Yay Mr. Pete! I have a completely healthy obsession with this guy and I cannot tell you why. I think I saw him fuck for the first time in 2010 and I’ve been hooked every since. He’s another aggressive one on the low and he always seems to have great chemistry with everyone he works with. I can now add Taurus to that list.

Okay, so Mr. Pete is a very successful drug dealer and baby step-sister Taurus came to stay with him for a while. One of the first things she notices is the amazing view from the back yard by the pool and she decides it’s the perfect day for some Vitamin D (you see where this is going…I know you do). After watching her seductively strip down to her bathing suit, step-bro decides he’s going to be the one delivering the D and walks right up to step-sis and kisses her grabbing a handful of boob for extra. Taurus is down from the beginning and the two continue in the living room. Mr. Pete eats pussy and ass with his normal brilliance before face fucking what is an absolutely beautiful face on Ms. Taurus. She has the two piercings on the lip thing going on and that plus the tattoos are my ideal.

Taurus and Mr. Pete in I Banged My Tattooed Step-Sister In The Ass

Like all three of the previous scenes, the sex and chemistry really made this one. There were some points where I felt like Mr. Pete carried most of it, but in all fairness Taurus was getting fucking pretty good. Pete went all Energizer Bunny on her while they were spooning and she never stood a chance. At first it looked like the anal might be a bit much for the sexy Taurus, but by the end of the scene she had Mr. Pete moaning just as much you can always tell when he’s really feeling it because the kissing intensifies. They started biting each other’s lips and I couldn’t hold on any longer!

Overall I Banged My Tattooed Step Sister In The Ass is funny, entertaining and sexy! Everyone was amazing and it’s definitely worth watching. Check it out and let us know what you think.

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Top Picks for the 2016 AVN Awards from The Authentic Lesbian

It’s always fun to predict the outcome of award shows. Sometimes it’s obvious who the favorites are (I’m looking at you Grammys), but the surprises are the most fun, and with the AVN Awards in full swing I decided to pick 5 of my favorite categories and let you guys know who I think should win.

Lily Cade, gold star lesbian

All Girl Performer of The Year:

This HAS to go to Lily Cade! Have you seen her this year? She’s all over the place banging hot chicks. Her scenes with Skin Diamond and Anikka Albrite are instant classics and she’s a REAL lesbian! Plus her acting is always on point and her strap game is ridiculous. Some dudes don’t even have that stroke. To top it off, she seems to have amazing chemistry with everyone she works with. She’s one of the best when it comes to eye contact and you can tell she’s respected on set and in the industry by the energy stars bring to her script. She’s also cool as fuck, so yeah, Lily Cade better win this AVN Award!

Fuck the Police Boxcover

Best Comedy:

Fuck The Police. If you’ve emailed, called, tweeted or had any conversation with me at all last year, you know how much I love Fuck The Police. It’s hilarious, sexy, written by Lily Cade, and even features a montage of her doing fake blow off strippers’ asses with titties bouncing on both sides of her head. Do you even need to know more??

Peter Pan XXX Cover

Best Parody:

Peter Pan XXX should definitely get the AVN Award for Best Parody. I thought Peter Pan should have been played by a woman, but I must say Ryan Ryder is very convincing. Riley Steele as Tinker Bell is genius, and the sets and costumes are amazingly spot on. The acting was above average and, of course, the sex was hot and steamy. We’ve come to expect nothing less from Axel Braun and the creative minds over at Wicked Pictures. Please please please parody Zoolander next!


Beautiful New Faces Cover

Best Continuing Series:

Beautiful New Faces. The faces are actually beautiful AND new! Who saw that coming!? I love not being lied to and I love getting to see fresh new talent before everyone else. B. Skow over at Girlfriends Films delivers each and every time. He manages to pull the best out of his casts and it comes across nicely on screen. The series is fairly new, but I expect a lot more, and from the sign of things it’ll just get better with time. Oh, did I mention they’re actually new faces!!?

Oral Sensation Cover

Best Transsexual Movie:

Oral Sensation. Michelle Austin at Kennston Productions has had an amazing year, both as a performer and director, and Oral Sensation is one of my favorites from them. It’s realistic, the sex is hot, and Tasha Jones is excellent in every scene. The confidence that oozes from everyone in this flick is inspiring and a huge turn on! I can’t wait to see what they do this year!

Whelp folks, that’s my take on my 5 favorite categories from the 2016 AVN Awards nominee list. Check them out and let us know who you think should win. And don’t forget to follow me on Twitter @authenticlezz1 for all things lesbo, and the rest of the gang @hotmoviesforher!

The Authentic Lesbian Review: Mistress Webb & Sub Jess

Mistress Webb & Sub Jess CoverThis week I found myself craving a little punishment. Nothing major, just some light spanking and teasing, so I looked through the BDSM.XXX studio and stumbled upon Mistress Webb & Sub Jess. I was drawn in by the box cover because Mistress Webb is hot as fuck and Jess West is behind bars looking like all she wants is to be teased. Exactly what I had in mind…

I really like the way this movie opened. The music was dark and helped to set the tone, and Mistress Webb’s legs give Tina Turner a run for her money! Her walk had me turned on instantly, and-OMG-she’s British! I picked a winner.

Jess has been sent downstairs and put in a cell because she got caught jacking off, and it’s Mistress Webb’s job to punish her and teach her a lesson. First, Mistress makes Jess clean her pussy out by fingering herself, but when it appears she’s enjoying herself a little too much, Mistress demands silence and forces her sub to clean her dirty shoes. I figured Jess would have to lick them or something like that, but Mistress had a different idea and tells Jess to use her cunt. Of course Jess gets extremely turned on and asks Mistress Webb if she can cum, which naturally doesn’t go so well.

That was definitely a turn on! Things get turned up even more when Mistress Webb starts pinching and fondling Sub Jess’ titties through the bars, demanding she keep eye contact the entire time. At this point, poor little Jess is just itching for an orgasm and Mistress Webb is thoroughly enjoying denying her that one request. Instead of giving her submissive any type of relief, Mistress makes Jess turn around with her back to the bars and tells her to grind on the pole while spanking her and talking shit. This is definitely my favorite part up to now. Jess wants it so badly, and with every put down from Mistress Webb the feeling just intensifies! It’s like the pain and pleasure fused into one. Absolutely hot!

Jess turns back around on cue, spreads her legs and licks Mistress Webb’s fingers before finally having her clit fondled a little. Mistress licks her fingers and decides Jess tastes pretty good if she does say so herself, then proceeds to squeeze Jess’s clit harder and harder while she begs to be let out of her cage and allowed to cum. She doesn’t deny her request to be freed outright, but she does place the keys right outside of arm’s reach and tells Jess that if she can grab them she can come out. Of course, there’s no way for Jess to reach those damn keys, and Mistress comes back with a big ass, black dildo! Jess’s eyes lit up as did mine, and the rest is multiple orgasm history. First, Mistress teases her sub by fondling her clit with the dildo and her fingers then slowly starts to fuck Jess’s wet pussy. When Jess is instructed to ride the dildo, Mistress tells her she has no talent when riding a cock and I cracked the fuck up! To be fair, Jess is probably horny out of her mind by now and thinking of nothing except cumming and cumming hard! But she was totally out of sync and it was hilarious!

Now it’s time for sub Jess to bust a nut, and out comes the Hitachi! I love those things. Just seeing one makes my lady parts extremely happy! Jess has to keep eye contact and beg to cum if she really wants this shit to happen and by now that’s all any of the three of us want. Her moans get steadily louder until she finally has permission to cum and squirts everywhere. Mistress Webb makes her lick the Hitachi dry and vows to come back later for more. That’s a part 2 I would love to see! Turns out it just might happen too, because during her brief ending interview Jess West revealed that she had a lot of fun, really enjoyed herself, came hard, and would love to be back. I’ll certainly be waiting.

Watch Mistress Webb & Sub Jess right here and let us know what you think.

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The Authentic Lesbian Review: Heartbreaker Vs. Obscura

Heartbreaker vs Obscura CoverWho isn’t excited for Lily Cade and Severe Sex’s Heartbreaker Vs. Obscura lesbian superhero porn drama!? After Fuck The Police, I make it a point to see any and everything Cade writes or stars in, so it was no surprise to me that this funny, drama filled lesbo flick was absolutely amazing and so much fun to watch! The comic graphics are cool as fuck, the plot is hilarious, the acting does perfect justice, and the sex is enough to send you into orgasm overdose if you aren’t careful.

Scene 1 – Ela Darling & Kelsey Obsession

The Ice Queen, played by the lovely Ela Darling, is tied up all sexy-like by Crimson Menace, the beautiful Kelsey Obsession, and it appears she may have finally met her match. Tied and gagged, it looks like the Ice Queen is about to be done in, when suddenly the phone rings, and the role play ends. Turns out Crimson Menace is really Alex, the retired Ice Queen’s girlfriend, pretending to be an evil villain to spice up their sex life. After Ice Queen finishes her business call, the kinky lovers return to their role playing and the sex commences. Both of these petite wonders are true freaks between the sheets and I enjoyed every minute of it. The Ice Queen is a very talkative submissive and the more she’s punished, the wetter she gets. Alex knows this of course, and takes every opportunity to assert her dominance. She starts by flogging the Ice Queen and then spanking her ass red. They repeat a few times in different positions before Alex finally fingers her tied up Queen who’s been begging for it the entire time.

Alex makes her submissive Queen eat her ass and then turns her over missionary, still tied up, pulls out a pinwheel, and goes to town on her slender body leaving all types of pleasure-filled scratches everywhere. From there we get some nice titty slapping as Alex fingers the Ice Queen until she cries mercy and cums all over her hand. There went my load! What I love most about this scene is how much it resembles my bedroom and the light BDSM play I’ve mimicked. The plot is improvised in the heat of the moment, there’s way more pleasure than pain, and overall feel is extremely fun and upbeat. The fact that this scene is so relatable makes it sexier.

Anyway, Ice Queen is tied up spread eagle while Alex sits on her face. I love facesitting! Just when shit is getting good and another orgasm is on the horizon, BAM, two crazy, hot Mighty Morphin Power Ranger-looking bitches orb into the room and grab Alex right the fuck up! I mean, like right the fuck up, right there, in the middle of climbing climax mountain shit gets real! And the poor Ice Queen is still tied to the damn bed, butt ass naked, and possibly a little more turned on (because I am). Talk about pulling you into the plot!

Scene 2 – Anikka Albrite & Kelsey Obsession

Foxxx News Breaking Alert! We’re told super heroes are being kidnapped all over town and all signs point to mastermind villain Obscura, played by the absolutely gorgeous Anikka Albrite. Cut to Obscura’s secret lair, where poor Alex is being held hostage and explaining to Obscura that her stupid minions kidnapped the wrong person. Of course, this sours Obscura’s plan, but she decides to keep the helpless civilian anyway.

Back on the streets, Ice Queen is looking for some of her old gal pals to help find her lost love. Meet Spex, played by the talented Kameltoe. Immediately it’s obvious Spex is the comic relief for this flick. She has this weird Riddler thing going on (minus the crazy schizophrenia) and her superpower is the ability to see through clothing, which turns out to be more of a burden than you might think. Ice Queen asks Spex to help her find her Alex, but Spex isn’t as goofy as she looks, and demands payment first. Ice Queen hands her a broken heart necklace and the foreshadowing couldn’t be clearer.

Heartbreaker, naturally played by Lily Cade, is bad ass! She can make women do whatever she wants, kinda like how vampires can compel humans these days. Only thing is every heart she breaks takes a toll on her own. When the Ice Queen knocks on her door, Heartbreaker is visibly annoyed and even more so when she finds out what the Queen is there for. She tries to explain that “shit gets weird in your 30s” and you can only assume that her emotions are starting to get the best of her, but nonetheless, she decides to help Ice Queen since it’s all in the name of love. So Spex, Ice Queen, and Heartbreaker meet up to devise a plan for infiltrating.

I love the Dark Knight/Taken voice Heartbreaker has going on throughout this! Anyway, we’re back in Obscura’s lair and back to some sex! This time, Alex is the submissive one, and Obscura is one hell of a Domme. She flogs and fondles and slaps Alex around from the very beginning, and although Alex doesn’t want to betray her beloved, her pussy can’t resist and it isn’t long before she’s moaning with pleasure. Right away the clit stimulation and finger fucking is intense. You can actually see Alex being driven crazy by the relentless Obscura and the whole ordeal is crazy hot! Alex is whipped and made to thank the mighty Obscura for every lash received, before being pleasantly tortured by this incredible, trident-like scepter.

Now it’s Obscura’s turn to get off and it was well worth the wait. She sits on her helpless captive’s face and rides nonstop getting her pussy and ass licked while fingering herself. The climax definitely pushed me over the edge and apparently it was so good that Obscura ties Alex back up so she can come back for more later.

Scene 3 – Lily Cade & Paris Lincoln & Darcie Dolce

Ice Queen, Spex, and Heartbreaker carry out their plan to infiltrate Obscura’s lair and now we get to see Heartbreaker in action. Spex and the Queen need to find exactly where Alex is being held, and Obscura has a shit load of minion bionic step-sister clones, or something crazy like that, watching guard, so it’s up to Heartbreaker to compel/seduce them all. It starts with Paris Lincoln and Darcie Dolce. Heartbreaker wastes no time getting into their heads or their pants. Visually, these three women naked in the same room was enough for me. Darcie’s body is incredible, Paris’ long hair is perfect for pulling, and my girl Lily is the strap-on goddess so I couldn’t wait to watch her pound a few pink pussies.

Paris gets face fucked by Heartbreaker before taking her cock from behind and eating Darcie’s pussy at the same time. This scene follows in the light BDSM/rough sex theme of the previous two with lots of spanking, slapping, and hair pulling and Heartbreaker owns it all. After fucking Paris for a while she pulls out her belt uses it as a leash to control the girls. Paris gets her face shoved in Heartbreaker’s ass while Darcie takes a strap pounding that leaves everyone in the scene out of breath and me like “YAAAAAAS!” These women worked hard for their multiple orgasms in this scene and they still aren’t done!

We get more slapping and rough housing and orgasms with positions for all shapes and sizes to enjoy, but what I enjoyed most about this particular scene, as with most threesomes I like to watch, is the equality. Not once did it feel like anyone was left to the side, even for a minute, and I think this is owed to Cade’s command over the scene and her overall kinkiness. It’s like she’s the Energizer Bunny personified. She never gets enough, and since Heartbreaker has a billion chicks to seduce and leave behind, that’s the perfect quality to have. When everything is finally done with these two and it’s time for Heartbreaker to move on, she leaves the beautiful women behind with instructions to keep fucking, but not before giving each one with a broken heart necklace, and, of course, grabbing her dick and belt. (Never leave your shit with hoes, it makes them get attached.) See, Cade even teaches life lessons through her craft. The woman truly is brilliant!

Scene 4 – Lily Cade & Anikka Albrite

Now this is the scene I’ve been waiting for. Heartbreaker and Obscura finally come face to face and I know the sex is going to be top of the charts! But first…Ice Queen and Spex (I love her a little more every time she pops on screen!) burst their way into Obscura’s room where poor Alex (this bitch is still tied, gagged, and butt naked) sits and waits to be rescued, only to realize their powers don’t work on Obscura. She has a flogger that apparently steals powers from whoever she whips, so now everybody is captured and tied up when Heartbreaker, aka Hancock 2.0, walks in and manages to get herself frozen and captured too.

For some reason Obscura’s whip doesn’t work on Heartbreaker, which really pisses her off since she’s tired of breaking hearts left and right. Obscura uses this opportunity to attempt to persuade Heartbreaker to cross over to the dark side, and it looks like it just might work when the evil villain turns on her sex appeal and says “I’m not like the others, you can’t break my heart.” You can see the intrigue in Heartbreaker’s eyes and then of course, there’s Obscura’s body. Everyone knows Anikka Albrite is gorgeous, but she really shocked me in this scene. Not only does she bring Obscura’s character to life and keep it consistent throughout the sex, she actually goes HAM on my girl Lily Cade and takes over the scene! Heartbreaker goes down on Obscura first (I bet she tastes like rainbows and lollipops), finger fucking her at the same time and there I go! The chemistry between these two is like they’ve wanted to fuck for a while and are finally getting the chance. I don’t know if that’s between Heartbreaker and Obscura or Lily and Anikka, but I fucking loved every minute of it either way!

Now it’s Obscura’s turn to please Heartbreaker and from the jump it’s intense. She makes Heartbreaker scream out in pleasure (Dark Knight/Taken voice still in full effect) in every position they explore. While sitting on Obscura’s face, her body shakes with so much vigor that I blew it again just imagining what that feels like! The villain mastermind then jerks Heartbreaker’s clit off and I seriously had to take a 15 minute smoke break. Yeah, I needed a cigarette and there was still so much more to cum! Obscura absolutely loves giving Heartbreaker the business and has the rough and tough superhero begging to cum one more time.

Obscura still wants to be partners, and after she put it down on Heartbreaker, I fully expected her to accept the invitation. Shit, I would have and wouldn’t have thought twice about it if she had me shaking like that! But luckily Heartbreaker is stronger than me, and tricks Obscura by planting kisses and slaps (I love romance) all over her soft body while handcuffing her to the table they fucked on. I actually felt bad for the villain right then and there, but hey, shit happens. Anyway, Heartbreaker frees the Ice Queen, Spex, and Alex to back to their happy-go-lucky lives, but not before reminding Ice Queen that she personally owes her for all those minions she had to fuck and leave brokenhearted. Credits Roll. The End. Except not really.

Scene 5 – Lily Cade & Ela Darling

I’m not sure how much time has passed, but after the rescue mission the Ice Queen shows up at Heartbreaker’s house and I’m thinking it’s time for payment. Heartbreaker said she was owed and there’s no way she would let the Queen forget about it, so here we go. Turns out it’s a little sadder than that, but in a comedic way. After all that bullshit, Alex ended up running back to Obscura. The sex and power was just too much to resist, I guess, so poor Ice Queen is left all alone and, of course, Heartbreaker is the first person that comes to mind. Heartbreaker isn’t one to pity and instead of being a shoulder to cry on, she’s a Domme looking to assert some much needed authority. They figure out some math (I won’t lie, I couldn’t keep up) and decided that Ice Queen would take one slap on the ass for every chick Heartbreaker had to fuck (which turns out to be 78). The Ice Queen counts out all 78 and you can tell Heartbreaker loves the control. She’s showing off and it’s a major turn on. After she gets a little taste of the Queens’s pussy, Heartbreaker face fucks her and bangs her back out doggy style-my favorite part of the scene!

Ice Queen returns the favor by licking and fingering Heartbreaker to orgasm and then the two fondle and finger each other one more time. There isn’t much to else to describe sex wise, but the chemistry between these two makes this scene a lot of fun to watch. I like that we get to see what happened after the big mission and watch the Ice Queen pay off her debt. Plus, they improvise the plot a little while staying in character and it makes for some pretty funny lines.

Heartbreaker Vs. Obscura is definitely worth a watch and as a bonus you get an original song written and sung by Kameltoe aka Spex, when the credits roll. It’s pretty awesome! Make sure to check the movie out and let us know what you think.

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The Authentic Lesbian Review: CrashPad Series Episode 200: Andre Shakti & Sailor

CrashPad Series Episode 200Pink And White Productions has reached its 200th CrashPad episode, and my excitement meter hit the roof! Then I saw Andre Shakti on the cover and lost my shit! She’s so fucking sexy it’s almost nauseating and when you throw her fun, spirited personality in the mix, it’s enough to make you want to jump. Sooooo, let’s dive in to CrashPad Series Episode 200: Andre Shakti & Sailor.

Immediately you notice that the pad is covered with pink and white balloons. It’s a nice visual acknowledgment of the 200th CrashPad installment, but it doesn’t really add anything to the scene. At the same time, it doesn’t take anything away either.  Shakti and Sailor give a brief “whatev” when they see the balloons and follow the CrashPad tradition of not wasting time and attacking each other’s faces and getting naked. I mentioned it earlier, but it’s definitely worth mentioning again that Andre Shakti is hot! Everything from her hair to her tats to her tits and ass are perfect. Our lucky Sailor isn’t bad either. I particularly like the hair and boxer briefs (I want those socks!), but more importantly Sailor seems like the perfect match for Andre in this one. They laugh more than any other couple I’ve seen on screen and it made the scene that much better.

After the proper amount of face is sucked and clothes are off, the pair decides on a wild berry condom for the night’s festivities (good choice, if I do say so myself). Sailor sucks and pinches Andre’s nipples which lead to some pretty hot and intense moaning before Andre gives Sailor a blowjob which led to her realizing she really likes the taste of wild berry condoms. (I spent this part staring at Andre’s ass in the air with my mouth on the floor.) The whole time they’re really playful with one another and it’s refreshing. For me it enforces the always constant underlying theme of being comfortable in one’s skin along with the sex positivity that comes with connecting with your partner and enjoying sex. These two are the perfect stars for CrashPad’s 200th anniversary!

After squirming and grabbing the sheets and bed posts for dear life, Sailor tells Shakti to keep her heels on (shit is about to get real!) and proceeds to finger fuck the shit of Shakti’s pussy while she begs for it! The entire ordeal is extremely hot and intense! Andre Shakti’s body moves in perfect rhythm with Sailor’s fingers and I’d be surprised if everyone on set didn’t bust a nut watching that go down. From here, Sailor fucks Shakti doggy style while she holds a vibrator to her clit. Again, extremely hot.  And watching Shakti’s ass jiggle back and forth with each thrust was truly a treat!

Shakti gets fingered missionary at her request again, and after she has a million orgasms, they get into the cowgirl position. This is my favorite part of the movie! First off, I’m amazed at how much energy both Sailor and Shakti still have this late in the scene. Everything they’ve done up to this point has been intense and results in at least 4 orgasms by my count, so to know they still aren’t done and to watch them pound it out in one last position definitely pushed me over the top! On top of that, fucking a chick cowgirl while her titties bounce around in your face and you look up at her to see pleasure mixed with sweat literally oozing out of her body is second to none! The closeness of the position is perfectly complemented by the chemistry Shakti and Sailor share. After all is said and done, the couple laughs about how hot it is now that they’ve sexed up the room. Fitting.

I absolutely loved CrashPad Series Episode 200: Andre Shakti & Sailor and there’s no doubt in my mind that you will too! Check it out here and make sure to follow us on Twitter @authenticlezz1 and @hotmoviesforher!


The Authentic Lesbian Review: Water Fetish With Jordan Kingsley

Water Fetish With Jordan Kingsley CoverFirst things first, Water Fetish With Jordan Kingsley is not a movie made by lesbians for lesbians nor is it a water fetish movie, or at least not what I think of as water fetish. What it is, is two extremely hot, big-boobed porn stars fucking the shit out of each other while water falls on them and it’s incredibly sexy.

Tanya Tate and Jordan Kingsley find themselves in a seductively dark and random space, and already they can’t keep their hands off each other. The camera pans in to show close ups of their fingers intertwined as they rub each other’s silky smooth legs to the tune of what sounds to me like smooth jazz with a New Jack Swing twist, and it’s surprisingly fitting. Staring directly into the camera for the first 3 minutes was faux to say the least (and completely for a male audience), but the camera angles are epic. I love the close-ups of their mouths while sucking on each other’s fingers biting each other’s lips.

Tanya, being the incredibly hot horn ball that she is, doesn’t waste any time getting the ball rolling. She goes down on Jordan almost immediately, and there’s a pretty cool close-up of that where you can see her playing with Jordan’s clit in her mouth. Major turn on if you ask me! From there the pair gets into my favorite power position with Tanya sitting behind Jordan fondling her clit and finger fucking her to an orgasm. With this position comes the water, and it was at this moment that I realized how fucking good these two look together! Of course, both Tanya and Jordan are known for their beauty, but something about the water enhanced it for me. Plus Jordan’s boobs are perfect. They’re definitely made for motor boating!

At the 6 minute mark, the music cuts off, and while I was a little sad for it to go, I knew shit was about to get intense. Jordan goes down on Tanya and the sound of the water hitting the ground is so clear I felt like I was standing in the scene. I’m big on sound to enhance my visuals (if you haven’t caught on already), so I found this very cool and it helped me dive deeper into the fantasy. Tanya’s accent also got me going, but that’s the case every time I hear her speak. On the same note, Jordan is wearing a cuff with O-rings on it, so when she goes to town fingering Tanya’s pussy I felt like Santa was sneaking up behind me. It isn’t terribly distracting, but I could have done without it. You be the judge:

From here, the freaky ladies go back and forth fingering and munching on each other and trading orgasms. I was expecting toys from the look and feel of the movie, but I was happy to be surprised. Two non-lesbian women enjoying each other’s bodies so much that no extras are needed fills me with pride for some reason (I think it lends credit to my theory that all women are sexually attracted to other women, but that’s a longer article for a different day) and definitely enhanced my pleasure. My favorite part of the entire flick is towards the end when Jordan begins fingering Tanya from behind. There’s never anything wrong with ass-up/face-down and further proof can be found right here! To make it even better, Jordan gets under Tanya to eat her out and the ride Tanya takes on her face is enough to make anyone scream!

Did you hear that slurping? Ahhh, the precious memories that sound returns to me!

Anyway, Tanya has an epic orgasm by the end of it all and fittingly the scene fades to black with a closeup of the girls’ wet mouths kissing and licking. Like I said before, this isn’t a movie made with lesbians in mind, so if that’s going to piss you off, stay away. But, if you’re like me and can stand the cliché “look into the camera” thing, and can get off to almost anything, especially two sexy, soaking wet, horny women sucking and fondling clit with no toys, then give Water Fetish With Jordan Kingsley a try. I doubt you’ll be disappointed!

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The Authentic Lesbian Review: Crash Pad Series – Episode 1: Dylan & Trucker

Crash Pad 1In desperate need of a Shine Louise Houston fix, I went back to my roots and started digging through the Crash Pad Series. I wasn’t looking for anything in particular, but rather browsing box covers and reliving story lines (and of course, the sex) when I stumbled across the very first Crash Pad episode and couldn’t remember it! Knowing that I wouldn’t rest until I jogged my memory I decided to give Crash Pad Series Episode 1: Dylan & Trucker another look and an authentic review.

As with most of the Crash Pad series episodes, this is sexy from the beginning. The opening is dark and shadowy with sexy music playing in the background, and the crash pad is introduced as a secret spot for late night hookups and undercover escapades (our spot was called the Cut back in the day). I still couldn’t remember this one, but immediately I remembered why I fell in love with Crash Pad in the first place. The heavy music and dark lighting add to the intensity that somehow always follows the actors in this series.

Dylan Ryan is a cute blonde wearing red pumps with one thing on her mind…fucking Trucker Cash! She walks into the room and takes the phone off the hook, the universal symbol for “we about to fuck and don’t wanna be bothered.” Trucker speaks the language well, not wasting any time getting Dylan’s panties down and pussy stuffed with fingers. The sense of urgency Trucker creates is hot and even though you know the two aren’t necessarily in a rush it adds to the passion between the two. Trucker’s aggression continues while fingering and eating Dylan out.

The pair moves to the couch where Dylan gives Trucker a blowjob. BJ’s aren’t really my thing, but this one doesn’t last very long because Trucker is all about the pussy at this point. After playing with Dylan’s clit for a minute or two, Trucker fucks her missionary, making her beg and plead for the cock. The entire encounter is very real and you can almost feel them coming off the screen!  From there, the sex gets a little rougher and I loved every moment! Dylan wants her pussy eaten again, and of course Trucker abides, but what I liked most was Trucker’s inability to keep hands off Dylan’s body. The touching and groping is firm and with purpose. I’m completely in love with everything about the female body and I find myself behaving just like Trucker so the fact that I could relate to what I was seeing made the fantasy that much better. Plus, looking at Dylan it’s easy to see how one handful probably isn’t enough! Trucker power fingers and licks Dylan to one more body shaking earth altering orgasm that literally left my jaw open and slightly jealous of both stars!

Short, not sweet, and to the point! Exactly what I wanted and exactly what I got. Crash Pad never lets me down, but knowing this was the 1st episode heightened everything for me (I think I’m a Pink And White geek) and on top of the intense passion they already brought to the set was the creative shooting genius behind the lens, editing and production. When I grow up, I want to be Shine Louise Houston!

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The Authentic Lesbian Review: Filthy Fashion Models

Filthy Fashion ModelsSexy. Black. Lesbian. Models. That’s right, Filly Films is back with Filthy Fashion Models and I signed up months ago so no standing in line for me! Directed by and starring Ana Foxxx, this one takes us through a few days of the life of an extremely sexy fashion photographer whose only problem seems to be having enough time in the day to fuck all the beautiful models she meets! I had a dream that went something like that once…

Scene 1 – Ana Foxxx & Lotus Lain

Ana and her girlfriend Lotus Lain are sleeping when the scene opens, and what a beautiful scene it is. There’s plenty of light shining through the huge windows and the bedding is completely white, making for an amazing contrast with Ana and Lotus’ complexions, especially Ana’s! Anyway, our star photographer awakens first and naturally decides to take a bath. The tub is located in her bedroom and the water was already run (when or by whom we have no clue) so we’re right on porn storytelling schedule. When Ana notices that girlfriend Lotus is still asleep and not even making an effort to get out of bed she takes matters into her own hands. Of course, when Lotus opens her eyes and sees her gorgeous, naked girlfriend in the tub waiting for her she jumps up and hops in to join without even taking her clothes off. Personally I can’t stand shower or bathtub sex in real life. There’s never enough space and water always ends up in my face, but in porn they rent those fancy mansions with huge stand-up showers and Jacuzzi tubs, so I was surprised to see the tiny little thing these two squeezed into. The girls are small themselves, but I wanted to see some action and I knew the space was going to limit that. I was right. There wasn’t much to the sex as far as positions go because they each had to sit on the side of the tub to get fingered or their pussies eaten. Ana did use the shower head on Lotus (something every woman in the world has tried at least once) so that was nice. But other than that, I got off from their bodies more than the sex itself. Both are incredibly hot! Lotus Lain is tatted up (just the way I like) with a long curly ‘do and a sexy ass voice. Ana’s dark complexion stopped me dead in my tracks the first time I saw her and she pulls off bangs waaaaaaaay better than I did back in the day. Watching them playfully interact was fun in a sexy way too. I bet these two have or would have a lot of fun off set.

Scene 2 – Ana Foxxx & Yasmine De Leon & Jenna Sativa

Ana’s first stop of the day is a shoot in the middle of the desert with models Yasmine De Leon and Jenna Sativa. As TV would have us all to believe is typical of models and women in general, the two ladies hardly know each other but they clearly don’t like one another. Being the professional that she is, Ana doesn’t have time for the bull, and this shoot demands passion out of the models so she does what any director of photography would do and suggest the two kiss and make up. Of course they take it literally and BOOM…we have a threesome. Count the authentic lesbo in! But again I was a little taken aback by the setting, or better yet, how it was filmed in that setting. The three horny fashionistas are fucking in a truck, and as sexy as we all know that is (I’m pretty sure I had sex in a car for an entire year of my life), we still need to be able to see it. Never is the camera angle from inside of the truck, like the front seat or the trunk; instead the camera operator remains outside and we only get a side view. This made me feel left out. As the viewer you want to get in the truck too, but it’s like the front doors are locked so you’re stuck with this view…

There are moments when the camera zooms into the action and you can see facial reactions and who’s doing what to whom, but overall I couldn’t do much with this one. It’s a shame too because on top of having a sexy stage name, Yasmine has a banging body too. I know Ana fucked her good, and I just wish I could have had a better view.

Scene 3 – Ana Foxxx & Kira Noir

This scene completely made up for Scene 2! I never met Kira Noir before this and I’m happy I’ve finally had the pleasure (about 3 times). I was instantly drawn to her look because it’s rare to find a black woman in porn rocking her natural hair in such a bold way (part of the reason I love Skin too!). As a black woman with locks I’m completely biased, but such is life. Anyway, this is a one-on-one shoot for a magazine and halfway through it’s agreed upon that Kira needs more shine to her look, so Ana grabs some oil and rubs her down. I thought that was it! I just knew Ana was about to grab a handful right then and there (more like I wanted her to), but she didn’t. Instead, while posing, Kira put her finger in her mouth then ran it down her body, accidentally getting make-up on her chest in the process. This was a gift from all the lesbian foremothers! And it only got better as the conversation progressed. Kira expresses to Ana that she’s seeing a guy she really likes, but dude is boring in bed AND he won’t go down on her (why doesn’t shit like this ever fall into my lap??)! Of course, Ana suggests Kira find a girl to do it for her, and after explaining that it wouldn’t be cheating because it wouldn’t be with a man (complete bullshit but totally worth it for Kira), she reveals herself as a lesbian and Kira just melts into the palm of her hand. Watch the innocence of this “yes, please” and try not to cum your pants…

That is the most innocent, polite sexiness I’ve ever seen in my life and I couldn’t wait for Ana to destroy it with tongue and finger. She doesn’t let me down either. Neither girl is particularly curvy, but I love the way the two look body-to-body, and Kira has the innocent, first time with a girl act down. The two kiss and touch a lot before fingering and eating each other out. I like the way Kira explores Ana’s body like a true first timer. She has that look of familiarity mixed with complete newness on her face and it’s a huge turn on! At one point they cross the room and are in front of a huge mirror which was a nice touch. Ana makes Kira cum almost at will throughout the scene and maintains control for the most part, but Kira definitely holds her own! I watched this one twice alone and once with my girlfriend…a hit, I tell you!

Scene 4 – Ana Foxxx & Lotus Lain & Shyla Jennings

I can’t lie, I completely forgot about Lotus being Ana’s girl, so when she walked in the living room with a surprise for Ana, I felt kind of bad. Then I saw that the surprise was Shyla Jennings and figured Lotus would probably be proud of Ana for her daily doings, at least that’s how I justify it in my head. I was excited about getting another threesome, this time in open space, and Shyla was the perfect fit. When they walk in she’s just lying on the bed waiting to be played with and it’s clear she never stood a chance with those two in the room. Action starts immediately in this one and off they go. There’s plenty of tag team clit rubbing, finger fucking and pussy eating in this one to go around, but my favorite part comes in the very beginning when Shyla is sitting on Lotus’ face while Ana gropes her tits from behind. Everybody was moaning and the whole thing was so intense that a pause was required.

Lotus goes to town munching on that pussy and when Shyla starts riding her hips, dear god YES! From there Ana’s sexy round ass is on display as her and Shyla 69, leaving Lotus to fondle any and all body parts in the room while waiting to have her first orgasm of the scene. When Shyla and Ana finally do team up on Lotus, Ana holds her legs apart while Shyla literally makes her scream with joy while eating her pussy. The three exchange more orgasms in the same positions but it never felt boring. The chemistry was there, the balance was there, and Shyla ended up holding her own more than I thought she would.

All in all, I was happy with this one. Besides the 2nd scene, it lived up to the hype. The acting was exactly what you want from your porno, the actresses are fucking gorgeous, and everyone knows how to eat pussy! Asking for more than that just seems wrong.

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