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The Super Divas Diary

The Super Divas Diary Studio: Venus Girls Productions   Category: By Women The Super Divas Diary is the first adult movie in which the classic roles are reversed. Strong, beautiful and decadent women use men for sex, satisfaction and entertainment. The movie shows a weekend in the life of the Super Divas, from breakfast sex to a wild group sex party night and everything in between!

Rocco Goes to Prague

Rocco Goes to Prague Studio: Rocco Siffredi   Category: Wall to Wall Rocco loves to fuck long and hard, and he loves to create hard, European style porno. As the first porn producer to visit the Eastern European city of Prague, he finds 12 new, beautiful young girls along with several good looking, new young guys. Linka is my favorite. She has one of the most awesome, big round asses I’ve ever seen!

Just Friends

Just Friends Studio: Thursday Night Video   Category: Lesbian These girls will introduce themselves as friends, and you might believe it, but this movie gives you an inside look at their relationship. It seems as though these beauties are a little more then JUST FRIENDS. Watch as they bathe together, lathering each other’s hot bodies. The bath is just the beginning – they are just getting started!

Bi Bi American Pie 11

Bi Bi American Pie 11 Studio: Macho Man! Video   Category: Bisexual These guys really take pleasures to another level. It doesn’t matter if it’s cock, snatch or ass, they are taking no prisoners in this fuck-all fuckfest! Hot guys, hot girls, and everyone fucks each other! What more could you want? Don’t miss a second of this great video!

Backseat Bangers Vol. 5

Backseat Bangers Vol. 5 Studio: Pink Visual   Category: Public There’s nothing like the thrill of sex with a total stranger out on the public roadways. The pussy wagon hits the streets again! Watch the Backseat Bangers turn these girls out!

Desperate Blackwives

Desperate Blackwives Studio: Video Team   Category: By Women Welcome to the neighborhood, where everyone has a little dirty laundry and the beautiful black housewives are desperate enough to do anything. Draw the blinds. Go behind closed doors. But you better hurry before hubby comes home. Hot hardcore action…a must see!

Nina Hartley’s Guide to Couple’s Sexploration

Couple’s Sexploration Studio: Adam and Eve   Category: Instructional Fantastic foreplay will get your lover totally turned on! Staying power ignites the flame and keeps it going for hours! First Lady of Adult Entertainment, Nina Hartley, shares her sexiest secrets for couples! Follow her tantalizing tips to keep the lust alive in long-term relationships – and to keep “monogamy” from becoming “monotony”.


Emotions Studio: Vivid   Category: Anal Stacked with an ensemble cast, this drama follows seven emotions put to seven different interweaving stories. Each scene depicts strong feelings that lead to great sex. Paul Thomas presents EMOTIONS, a Vivid production that features seven anals, squirting, multiple facials, and two double penetration scenes. With that kind of action, you’ll second that emotion.

Double Penetration

Double Penetration Studio: Ninn Worx   Category: Group Sex A woman shared by men captures the heat of hardcore passion. Michael Ninn presents double-penetration with the stars of Ninn Worx in the extreme and the aesthetic. As one of the most innovative filmmakers in the history of porn, he makes movies that are heavy on style and eye candy.