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Going Vagitarian with Ginger Lynn

There are certain porn “milestones” that cause one to take a moment to reflect upon. My first scene with Stephanie Swift was one. My scene with Nina Hartley was another. And now, my intense scene with the one and only Ginger Lynn has gained status as one of the most memorable and auspicious of all. I met Ginger for the first time at Playboy Radio more than a year ago, when I was a guest on “Nightcalls.” She let me suck on her nipples and give her a spanking On Air — tasks I considered myself unworthy of performing, but … Continue reading Going Vagitarian with Ginger Lynn

In Consideration of 2008

It’s hard to fathom all that’s happened in the past year. It went so quickly, yet 2007 now seems a lifetime ago. Needless to say, I had a lot to be thankful for this past Turkey day; 2008 was simply one of the greatest years of my life. Most notably, it was the year Sweetheart Video was born. Our first release was in April 2008, and we quickly rose to the top of the food chain (our only real competition being, ironically, my former studio.) We’re up for several AVN awards this year, including Best New Line (i.e., Best New … Continue reading In Consideration of 2008

Dating Civilians 101

Before I became an adult actress and director, I often wondered why it seemed that industry folk dated only each other. Wasn’t it a bit much, I wondered, for two sexually over the top types to pair up? Didn’t they spontaneously combust? Wasn’t someone required to be the “anchor,” in the relationship, the one with a foot firmly grounded in the “real world?” In other words, I had no idea what I was talking about, or how to even begin thinking about it. Since becoming an adult actress, I’ve had several relationships of varying length with “civilians.” Unfortunately, almost all … Continue reading Dating Civilians 101

The Land of the Misfits

People assume there are a lot of pitfalls in the adult industry, particularly in porn, and I’m here to tell you that indeed there are. Well come on now, of course there are. Any environment that offers a disproportionately large helping of excitement, sex (and other miscellaneous forms of indulgence) carries a risk of leading one down a dark path. One that leads to a place where too much sex is never enough, and where the surfeit, rather than making us full, creates a feeling of emptiness and meaninglessness. But there are other cautions, too. An obsession with youth, beauty, … Continue reading The Land of the Misfits

Happiness Through Porn

Recently I was interviewed by a well-known men’s magazine about what it’s like to have a relationship with a “civilian” while simultaneously working as an adult actress. I had been in such a situation fairly recently with someone who had loved to tell others about my involvement in the sex biz (and thus his exciting experiences as my sidekick), but who wasn’t above making the occasional judgment-tinged remark when it suited his purpose. This would mostly be to gain the upper hand in an argument or to use as evidence that I was, let’s face it, “crazy.” He had a … Continue reading Happiness Through Porn


There is, to paraphrase a lovely old verse, something new beneath the visiting moon. And I’ve been writing about it quite a bit lately, because I’m still somewhat in shock. Let me begin by saying that I’ve never completely understood the whole “BDSM” thing. Or I thought I didn’t. I have met and befriended and even “played” with a few well-known masters and S/M couples, and I found the play interesting but not intoxicating. I wondered, then, why I kept “trying it again.” Maybe I’m just a sexual adventuress, I hypothesized. Maybe I’m drawn to extreme experiences and sensations as … Continue reading Awakenings

The Mighty Stephanie Swift

One interesting (and mildly terrifying) facet of my life as a porn actress is that I don’t necessarily know who I’m going to be having sex with on a given day. It’s a little like arranging a boxing match — who do the fans want to see go at it? Who would make good ‘opponents’? Sometimes conventional wisdom is correct, and other times — as highlighted in my last column — it’s a bit of a disaster. And sometimes you strike gold and you find yourself in a scene with Stephanie Swift. Most people know her as that former Wicked … Continue reading The Mighty Stephanie Swift

When Squirting Isn’t Squirting

In recent years, as porn has trended toward the more extreme and novelty-oriented, an act called “squirting” has gained popularity. The proper term, I’ve been told, is “female ejaculation,” and not everyone can do it. Or alternatively, everyone CAN do it. It largely depends on who you talk to, and it’s hard to know whom to believe. Sex Educator Deborah Sundahl has made a career of writing and speaking about female ejaculation and after 20 years she’s still going strong. This suggests most laypeople are still in the dark about the ultimate Female Orgasm, and it’s taking a while for … Continue reading When Squirting Isn’t Squirting

Back on Track :)

I know it’s been a while since I’ve done a column; life has been coming at me fast and furious lately, and it’s been all I can do to just catch my breath and keep moving. It’s not always a pretty sight, but at the same time I’ve really never been happier. Most of my joy lately has come from the simple pleasure of talking to and corresponding with fans. What I’ve come to realize, not that it’s much of a surprise, is that the average porn viewer is much smarter and more thoughtful than most people like to believe. … Continue reading Back on Track 🙂

Masters Of Porn

Anything can be done well or poorly, and porn is no exception. Just as it takes time and practice to become a good lover in real life, the same is true for performing well in adult films. And, again as in real life, what turns on one person can be anathema to another. But there are certain rules that seem to apply, regardless of personal taste. The first rule of being a good adult performer is to be “into” the scene, involved with your partner and passionate about the encounter. This means keeping connected to your costar, both physically and … Continue reading Masters Of Porn