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The Black Mystique

Watch the Video Studio: Metro Interactive Category: Classics Remember when porno had involved plots and excess dialogue? I sure do. If you’re longing for the days of porno yore, this classic flick does the trick. Sherrie is a newlywed who is determined to not let her marriage become another divorce statistic and is doing everything she can to keep things hot in the bedroom. Turns out, her husband is just hungry so Sherrie hires a chef named Magda who teaches them to add spice to everything – including whatever they’re cooking up in the bedroom. Magda has a secret ingredient … Continue reading The Black Mystique

Mixtape Rewind!

Before I got to the age in my womanhood where Halloween was about fishnets and slutty nurse costumes, I was really into the holiday. One of my earliest memories is from Halloween. I was Trick-or-Treating in a store-bought Cookie Monster costume and fell pretty hard in front of some creep on stilts. My freshman year of high school, I wore this really serious Linda Blair Exorcist costume complete with dried pea soup on my K-Mart nightgown. My sophomore year I went as a journalist and continued to wear that guise straight through my undergraduate studies. My favorite Halloween things are … Continue reading Mixtape Rewind!

The Erotic Witch Project

Watch the Video Studio: Seduction Cinema Category: Fantasy & Supernatural In this hauntingly hot feature from Seduction Cinema, three college co-eds – Katie, Darian and Victoria – set out on an erotic witch hunt in the backwoods of New Jersey with a camera to document their findings. The girls have all left their boyfriends behind and aren’t afraid of the Erotic Witch’s seduction powers. In the first few minutes of the movie, we learn that Victoria doesn’t do all that “sex stuff” but she’s still out to find this witch. After a long drive, they make it to the woods … Continue reading The Erotic Witch Project

Straight Guys For Gay Eyes & For Women Too! – Chris Justis II

Watch the Video Studio: Straight Guys For Gay Eyes Category: Amateur Chris Justis is hot. I mean, a lot of the guys in the industry are pretty attractive, but rarely are they the focus of a movie like they are in the Straight Guys For Gay Eyes features. But Chris Justis is a sight to behold. I mean, with his perfect abs, toned arms, thick legs, nice ass, rock hard cock…well he could drive a woman wild, and he does just that in his second round of action in this series. Not only is Chris Justis hot, but pool sex … Continue reading Straight Guys For Gay Eyes & For Women Too! – Chris Justis II

Rules to Live By

Men’s Health magazine has recently published a list of 40 Unwritten Rules For Men. While most of the list consists of rules geared towards the male mind, many cross gender lines while some are just absurd. Feeling inspired, I’ve decided to compile 10 Unwritten Rules For Women*. If you can’t walk in heels, don’t wear them. You’ll look sexier with a confident walk in flats than you will if you’re prancing around like a giraffe. It’s okay to be totally boring. Not everyone is cut out for a Sex and the City-esque life. It’s also okay to live vicariously through … Continue reading Rules to Live By

Tit Chat

Watch the Video Studio: Rose Productions Category: Instructional Tit Chat With Rose is a page out of my own Double D book. In these nine scenes, Rose leads us through the world of large breasts, covering every topic from bras to what your breasts can do for you on a date. Rose also teaches us a little trick for removing our bras while lounging around in her man’s t-shirt. This whole movie made me feel like someone was uncovering my secrets – leaning forward to show more cleavage, how I like my breasts to be held, and even my love … Continue reading Tit Chat

The Partnership

Watch the Video Studio: Alpha Blue Archives Category: Classics The thing about a classic porno is how natural everything is. The setting, the foreplay, even the pubic hair is all completely natural. The Partnership is no different. After a housewarming party, a group of coworkers at a law firm are left to clean up what’s been left behind – empty plates, glasses, a dildo in the dog dish – and they inevitably clean up each other. One of the lawyer’s wives starts to give her husband’s plain Jane secretary a makeover to add some sex appeal only to end up … Continue reading The Partnership

Sex Across America: New Orleans

Watch the Video Studio: Adam & Eve Category: Reality Porn New Orleans is my favorite place in the lower 48. The last time I was there, I saw a strip club on Bourbon Street where you could wash the stripper of your choice. Wash. With a bucket of soap and water. I didn’t do it (I was with my mom!) but I was hoping maybe it would happen in this movie. It didn’t, but a lot of other really great things happened, like group sex at a bar that has swings for seats and a girl-on-girl threesome in the smoking … Continue reading Sex Across America: New Orleans

Mixtape Rewind!

Whew, I am exhausted. It seems like this week, everyone is either staying home sick or coming out of their closets and it’s hard to keep up. I’m talking about Clay Aiken and Lindsay Lohan, who to be fair, were coming out of closets they’ve shown to the whole world – like we’ve been watching an endless loop of walk-ins on MTV Cribs reruns. Listen, I’m a straight woman in the 21st century. I have many gay friends and I’m not shocked by homosexuality in the slightest. It’s the same as me being straight! It’s just love, which is remarkable … Continue reading Mixtape Rewind!

Bad Wives Book Club

Watch the Video Studio: Penthouse Category: Gonzo Let’s get one thing straight: this sure isn’t Oprah’s Book Club. The women of the Bad Wives Book Club barely have time to get through a chapter of their selected reads (Lady Chatterley’s Lover perhaps?) – but they always have time for the big O. The movie features five hot scenes – one for each member of the book club and one Bad Husband – that detail the reasons why they can’t get through a book. One woman is planning a party (and fucks the caterer), one spent a long night at the … Continue reading Bad Wives Book Club