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Disco Lesbians

Well, this is it.  The last movie I’ll ever review at HotMoviesForHer.  Disco Lesbians – a HotOldMovies movie.  It doesn’t get much better than that.  I love disco and I love lesbians.  I mean, who doesn’t? A couple of foxy ladies get down in a living room/love den.  There are balloons all around and these gals boogie down like there is no tomorrow.  As it turns out, this is not a  a gentleman friends joins the party.  The dancin’ girls show off their moves without their tops on before a little while longer, but can hardly wait to their threesome … Continue reading Disco Lesbians

8 Things I’m Going To Miss About Working At HotMoviesForHer

Today is my last day here at HotMoviesForHer.  I’m excited about my new adventures in fitness, but there are some things (and people) that I’m going to miss.  I’ll still be dealing in sweaty bodies and making people feel good, but it won’t involve smut.  I’ve had a great run.  Here are some of the things I’m going to miss: 1. Eating lunch while casually watching porno at my desk. 2. Having important conversations about vaginas, cocks, anal sex, eating pussy, blowjobs, jizz, squirting, cuckolding, orgies, masturbation, and fucking. 3. Singing made-up songs like Strap-on Sally with my co-workers. 4. … Continue reading 8 Things I’m Going To Miss About Working At HotMoviesForHer

Wet Wifebeaters

Look, wifebeaters have the unfortunate luck of being called “wifebeaters”.  I’m not insensitive to this and I’m not going to get into personal stories to back up why.  What I am going to do it review this Burning Angel movie that has been on my to-watch list for quite some time. In scene one we have the cutie-face-sex-pot Kleio with one of my porno crushes, Danny Wylde (I’m two days out from my last day, I’m fine with being a creeper).  Mr. Wylde knows how to wield his cock and he is equal parts charming dirty.  That isn’t to take … Continue reading Wet Wifebeaters

My TOP Top Five Tuesdays

Oddly enough, I’m getting verklempt over writing my last ever Top Five Tuesday post.  I decided to go with my favorite Top Five lists that either meant a little something to me or that tickled me.  Whoa!  Not like that, pervs!  Anyway, I hope you enjoy this lists of lists and my very last Top Five Tuesday. Top 5 What The Fuck – Oh man, I love a good porno from the WTF category.  They’re good for a laugh and sometimes even a little dry heaving.  WTF movies aren’t like your average pornos and that is a good thing.  Invasion … Continue reading My TOP Top Five Tuesdays

The Dude Show – Reality Sucks! Part 2

I hate reality TV shows with a passion.  I’m generally a pretty happy person, but reality TV makes me want to break things.  I know a lot of people love it and that is fine, but don’t expect me to cozy up on the couch and enjoy it with you.  It will never happen.  A “reality” porno starring hot ripped gay guys?  Now that is something I can get behind. The scenes start with a brief “confession” from each of the guys.  They mainly talk about how good they are at fucking and whether they are a top or a … Continue reading The Dude Show – Reality Sucks! Part 2

Dana Vespoli’s Slammin’ Girls

Dana Vespoli’s Slammin’ Girls from Filly Films has been on my list of pornos to review for a long time.  Since I only have a handful of reviews to write before my time here at HotMoviesForHer comes to an end, I might as well get it in.  I mean, I’m excited about my career change and all, but I’d be crazy not to take advantage of getting paid to watch porno until the very last second. One of the most inviting things about this lesbian flick is scene 1 starring Sinn Sage and Dani Daniels.  Who doesn’t love alliteration, right?  … Continue reading Dana Vespoli’s Slammin’ Girls

Vicious Strap On Bitches

I wasn’t going to review this movie at first because of the word “bitch” in the title.  Then I realized you were all big kids and could handle it.  I realized you would get the context… that when badass dominatrix Julie Simone makes a movie called Vicious Strap On Bitches, it is going to feature some high quality strap on fucking and the word is meant in the best possible way.  Plus, Julie is getting inducted into the AVN Hall Of Fame in 2013.  She is pretty much amazing. This flick is a compilation featuring a few ladies that know … Continue reading Vicious Strap On Bitches

Elexis Unleashed 2

We’re back to reviewing non-Christmas porno… hooray for Santa-free smut!  In celebration I’m getting into some girl-girl goodness from Sweetheart Video.  Elexis Unleashed 2 features three super hot scenes starring Elexis Monroe (surprise).  With interviews at the top of each scene, we get to hear her thoughts, as well as those of her co-stars, on sex with women.  The takeaway – it’s only fun to fuck women who want to be fucked. Lexi Belle joins Elexis in scene 1.  They make a great pair and are all about staring into each others’ eyes.  I love the chemistry almost as much … Continue reading Elexis Unleashed 2

HotMovies4Her Tips – Christmas Sex!

Hello and happy holidays from the ladies at HotMovies4her!  It is a great day here in the offices de la smut – we’ve got our icicle lights twinkling, the holiday love floating through the air, and the XXX-mas porno on our computer screens.  We always have sex on the brain so I thought today I’d talk about Christmas sex.  Well, at least sex-related things you can do that make the holidays way more exciting than eating fruit cake! 1. Sexy Clothing – There is something fun about waking up your boo on Christmas morning all dressed in a sexy outfit … Continue reading HotMovies4Her Tips – Christmas Sex!

On The Mark For The Holidays

There is something about people getting it on in front of a Christmas tree that makes the holidays feel complete.  On Wednesday I enjoyed my stocking stuffing men doin’ it in front of the blue spruce and today I’m watching the ladies do the same in On The Mark For The Holidays.  I just can’t get enough! The first scene featuring a masturbating lady is only okay.  It is hard to tell if she really wants to be there, which is the first turn turn-off, but what really deflates my balloon is that her vibrator is super loud.  I like … Continue reading On The Mark For The Holidays