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Holy guacamole is all I have to say. Yes, this toy is a bit pricey. No, it’s not 10″ long with beads and whirring animals. Aside from a small “charged” light, it doesn’t glow, or light up, or shoot rockets into the air. Well, who cares? It made me make noises I had never made before…and let me tell you, I have made many a sound. This toy carries a punch (and is rechargable rather than battery operated, so you’re being earth and wallet friendly too!), has 5 different program settings, and hits your g-spot more accurately than an MLB player can hit a ball (no pun intended). I can’t tell you how wonderful this toy is, but you should check out my full review, since I do a better job trying to explain it there. But wow. That pretty much describes it. Yes, there are some small issues with the ergonomically designed handle (ie – if you grip it the wrong way while playing, it switches programs, which is frustrating), but I give it 5 stars anyways. It’s just *that* good!

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G-Spot Flexi

G-Spot Flexi

It was time…time to try out the G-Spot Flexi. To be honest, I was not excited about this toy. It creeped me the fuck out. It was pink and bumpy…and when I took it out of its package, it was bendy. Not flexible, but bendy. It makes a horrible noise when you bend it, like some party favor from when your best friend turned 10. I showed it to my partner who looked at it skeptically, and after hearing it bend, placed it back in my nightstand. It looked like I was on my own to review this pink, bumpy and bendy bad boy.

To my oh-so-pleasant surprise, this toy is a lot better than it looks. Firstly, it feels nice. So many g-spot toys are plastic only, like the Bullet Wand or out of jelly, like the G-Spot Dolphin. I don’t like plastic in my vagina, and I’m not a huge fan of jelly (both from the cleaning angle, and the wanting to keep phthalates away from my inner bits), so this silicone g-spot toy was a pleasant surprise. I wasn’t so much a fan of the pink, but if you check the Vibe Review website, it is also available in yellow AND teal (which matches my hair)!

I bent the toy the way I thought would be best, lubed up, and went at it. Holy moly! It hit my g-spot PERFECTLY after one little bending adjustment! I left good, I like that it had an on-off button rather than the twisty end (although different speeds would have really added to it). With a little additional clit stimulation, I was headed into the sea of ecstasy in no time at all.

No, it’s not my favorite toy (which just so happens to be the Hitachi Magic Wand), but it definitely works the way it’s supposed to, and for the price? Hell, everyone should get one. A great beginner’s g-spot toy…just turn up the music or do the bending before sex, as I found it tends to kill the mood.

Get to all those hard to reach pleasure zones with the G-Spot Flexi

The Straight Girl’s Guide to Sleeping with Chicks

The Straight Girl's Guide to Sleeping with Chicks

While I wasn’t sure what I, a queer woman, was going to do with a guide for straight girls, I resigned myself to reading it – the things we do for the good of humankind, it’s horrible, I know. Luckily for me, the book was quite well written, and actually provided some good information (particularly on safer sex for women who sleep with women, something many queer and lesbian sex books often leave in the dark). She explains her useage of the word straight, which I appreciated, and gives a plethora of tips in many areas related to sex with women. Yes, I had some issues with a few things, like her usage of the word “tits” and her emphasis on imbibing a little before getting it on, but over all, this book had some excellent points, and would be a good addition to the library of most people, queer, straight, or straight who are sexually queer. I go into far more details if you click below, promise!

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Waterproof Beaver

Waterproof Beaver

The toy I got to review this week was none other than the Waterproof Beaver , a busy little creature looking to make me happy. As we are all well aware, I am not a huge fan of animal toys, so I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about this toy…but at least it wasn’t pink (the picture makes it look pink, but really, it’s much more of a purple). If I’m going to get a dual clit/penetration vibe, I usually look for those outside of the animal kingdom, like the Japanese G-Spot Squirmy.

At the very least, the batteries were easy to install, and given the fact it only takes two AA batteries, it certainly seemed to have a lot of juice. The feeling of the toy was soft and jelly like. Although it claimed to be silicone, I’m not quite sure what type of silicone was, since it emitted a jelly like smell (good quality silicone does not smell whatsoever), and did not feel like the silicone I’m used to on toys.

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Sport Massager

Sports Massager

I will never cease to be amused by sex toys that bill themselves as massagers (does anyone remember that episode of Sex in the City, where the store clerk keeps telling Samantha that her Hitachi Magic Wand is really a “massager” since they don’t sell “vibrators.” I’m just waiting for that to happen to me someday). However, this massager was quite worth its weight in batteries (2 AA), so I was willing to look past the packaging and move onto the fabulous toy itself.

This toy is built for choice and options. It comes with 5 (five!) different head attachments you can use, from a cup like thing, to a flat option, to 3 more choices, including bumpy! I like a variety of stimulation, so this toy was like 5 in 1, and let me choose exactly what I wanted, when I wanted, without having to get a variety of toys. It’s actually really similar in format to the Wahl 7-in-1 vibrator, except the Wahl plugs in with two speeds, and this bad boy runs on batteries, and has a speed dial.

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I Love Female Orgasm

I Love Female Orgasm

Are you female? Or is your partner female? If so, this is my number one recommendation for your book collection. This book combines academic research and know-how with fun facts, anecdotes from real women, and easy to understand writing, making it an excellent book that embodies both academia and pop-culture. With everything from oral sex to anal sex, biology to sexology, it covers pretty much everything you might ever need to know about female orgasms. Even better, it’s a female-friendly (obviously) and queer-friendly book, making it accessible and relevant to everyone, regardless of your identity and orientation. These authors know their stuff, and present it in a fun and exciting way that should appeal to all females and those with female parts, whether you’re on your way to being queen of the climaxes, or you’ve never gotten to the “big O.” 5 ooohs (out of 5), and two thumbs up!

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The Superbe


The Superbe is a toy made by Candida Royalle’s sex toy line Natural Contours, and you can tell this toy is made by a woman, for women. In addition to being a pleasing color (read: NOT bright pink!) and a non-phallic shape, the Superbe is quiet, easy to use, 3-speed AND comes in a nice little black box that is reuseable for storage purposes. All in all, it’s a fantabulous starter toy for any woman, and a great toy for people that aren’t HUGE sensation junkies (it wasn’t quite strong enough for my liking, although I certainly was able to get off with it). I felt that the Superbe’s only real short coming was being made of plastic, which is not exactly a warm and friendly material to be cuddling up to your vulva. However, the cuteness (and non-pink) factor, along with the ease of use and storage (and ability to take it anywhere) bumps this toy up to my top 10 list. Ladies (and gents who like vibes), step on up and give the Superbe a try!

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The Rolling Stud

The Rolling Stud

The Rolling Stud… I mentally call it Rolling Thunder for 2 reasons: 1. the word “stud” makes me giggle and I think “thunder” is sexier, and 2. this thing is loud. Not buzzing loud, but mechanical loud. If you like to play in silence, this is not the toy for you, but if you like loud music (or don’t mind the noise), then you should be able to drown it out. Regardless, that’s my only complaint. The Rolling Stud (thunder!) has a thick and beefy main shaft which is wide and long (awesome), with a smaller compadre attached by a stretchy coil. The main shaft rotates, so that the head tickles your insides (yes, exactly there, just like the Quicksilver G-Spot), as well as internal beads towards the base that roll around, giving great sensations around your vaginal opening when inserted. These are offered in 2 speeds, good to begin stimulation and then to take it to the next level. The other smaller attached piece vibrates (also at 2 different speeds) and is an always welcome companion to any insertable toy. The box says it’s good for clitoral or anal stimulation and small enough for anal insertion, but without a flared base you may want to be careful on that second part. No matter how good it feels at first, no one wants the little compadre getting lost up their behind! If you’re really good with your hands, I must admit this is a good anal play addition though. However, we don’t recommend inserting it fully – if you’re looking for a toy that just screams “anal play,” check out the Pro Touch. For additional clitoral stimulation, the little compadre is also a hit! I like the Rolling Stud because it offers multiple sensations in multiple ways to multiple areas – not vibrating all over… which, if you’re like me, still need to keep moving because plain vibration (while excellent) isn’t enough. With this toy, once it’s get going, I can pretty much go hands-free and just enjoy!

Get your hands on your own Rolling Stud (or Rolling Thunder, if you will)

The Raquel (by Vixen Creations)


It’s another pink toy…I know you’re all expecting a negative review, and a few comments about my negativity about toys of the pink variety. Well, SUPRISE! The Raquel dildo is probably my second favorite toy EVER (behind the Wand, and seriously, can anything beat that?) and is certainly my favorite dildo I’ve ever tried. The Vixskin from which it is created feels absolutely divine (and warms up to body temperature quickly), and the properties of this toy combine the feel-good benefits of jelly (but without those pesky phthalates), and the fabulousness of silicone (like being easy to clean). Rock on! Anyways, this toy is freaking amazing, and well worth checking out. Read my full review and learn more about the Raquel by clicking on the link below (or above)! It is the perfect size, material, and shape (and has a well flared base for either strap on use, or to use as a handle for thrusting, alone or with a partner). It’s pink, but I love love love it anyways. Oh, and did I mention that we share a very deep bond? My middle name!

Buy my favorite dildo ever. No, seriously. It’s *that* good.

Sunshine Vibe

Sunshine Vibe

Oh, little Sunshine Vibe, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways… to start off, it’s not so little! It’s about 5 inches around and about 4 inches long (a big bullet or a skinny-minnie it ain’t!), comprised of 3 sort of bulbous shapes together, almost like a snowman – so externally the big parts line it up almost perfectly with your sensitive bits in row (from front to back). Another plus (or minus, depending on your views) – it’s jelly so it’s nice and mushy soft, not a hard solid piece mashing up against your own softness (take precautions with this sort of material – chemically it is not good for internal, and it cannot be sterilized as well as other materials, such as silicone). If you have a condom and strong and willing desire for fullness, you can insert it – and by strong and willing desire, I mean this sucker is thick… not a quick and easy in and out, but again, I like.

It is especially nice if you’ve got another vibe around for clitoral stimulation (like a handy little bullet; my personal favorite is both at once), but all in all I prefer this toy for external stimulation myself. Another excellent quality of this bright translucent wonder – it’s waterproof. I’m a girl that likes options, and anything that includes “being able to do in the bathtub” as an option is a plus for me (this also goes for anything really, but back to the subject at hand!). Adding to it’s greatness: 4 speeds. The low speed is a good starting vibration, yet not too dull that it’s pointless, and then it goes up noticably but not too drastically with each speed. In all honesty, I have yet to get past the third speed, but I’m glad to know there’s a fourth speed still there just in case I’m having a rough day. 🙂 Sunshine Vibe

Add a little bit of sunshine to your life with “the Sunshine Vibe”