The Straight Girl’s Guide to Sleeping with Chicks

While I wasn’t sure what I, a queer woman, was going to do with a guide for straight girls, I resigned myself to reading it – the things we do for the good of humankind, it’s horrible, I know. Luckily for me, the book was quite well written, and actually provided some good information (particularly on safer sex for women who sleep with women, something many queer and lesbian sex books often leave in the dark).… More

I Love Female Orgasm

Are you female? Or is your partner female? If so, this is my number one recommendation for your book collection. This book combines academic research and know-how with fun facts, anecdotes from real women, and easy to understand writing, making it an excellent book that embodies both academia and pop-culture. With everything from oral sex to anal sex, biology to sexology, it covers pretty much everything you might ever need to know about female orgasms.… More

The Rolling Stud

The Rolling Stud… I mentally call it Rolling Thunder for 2 reasons: 1. the word “stud” makes me giggle and I think “thunder” is sexier, and 2. this thing is loud. Not buzzing loud, but mechanical loud. If you like to play in silence, this is not the toy for you, but if you like loud music (or don’t mind the noise), then you should be able to drown it out.… More

Sunshine Vibe

Oh, little Sunshine Vibe, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways… to start off, it’s not so little! It’s about 5 inches around and about 4 inches long (a big bullet or a skinny-minnie it ain’t!), comprised of 3 sort of bulbous shapes together, almost like a snowman – so externally the big parts line it up almost perfectly with your sensitive bits in row (from front to back).… More

Krystal Vibe

To be honest, I was more than just a little wary of The Krystal Vibe. It was long, thick, and more then a little intimidating (not to mention pink, and we all know how I feel about that). I’m a big proponent of the “size doesn’t matter…and if it did, big things come in small packages” faction, and wasn’t exactly sure how I felt about this larger vibrating dildo even nearing my nether regions.… More

Red G-Factor

When I first saw the package, I was elated; it was as though fate had intervened, and had found me the perfect vibrator. Now, I’ve always liked the idea of the Rabbit Pearl vibrator, but had this with it; I don’t like my toys to have faces (or ears, or tails or anything else that could be associated with an animal or human), and the rabbit wasn’t going to cut it.… More