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Slavery, A Love Story Vol. 1, Part 1 – The Beginning

It’s our countdown to Halloween and while I was searching for a scary porn title “Slavery, A Love Story Vol. 1, Part 1 – The Beginning” popped up. Personally, I’ve got to agree with the premise of this one; there is absolutely nothing that inspires as much fear in me as love. Mistress Julie Simone introduces us to her new slave, formerly known as Berlin and now named Scar, then immediately dons a latex nurse’s outfit and takes scar in for a little light torture with clamps and prick wheel. While Simone applies clamps and speculum I find myself wondering … Continue reading Slavery, A Love Story Vol. 1, Part 1 – The Beginning

Erica McLean’s Alice

If this Halloween isn’t going to be ruled by ‘sexy’ Alice’s I don’t know what it will be ruled by (but if I had to guess I’d say zombie something). I couldn’t think of a more suitable movie to review this Tuesday than “Erica McLean’s Alice.” Ok that and the Cheshire cat looks totally bangable! To be honest I wasn’t expecting much but within a few minutes of turning on this little flick, Alice (Sunny Lane) actually elicited a laugh out of me right off the bat right before being lured off by a white rabbit with raven black locks. … Continue reading Erica McLean’s Alice

Men of Monday

Morning ladies! Are you as excited as I am to be back at work? Well I’ve got just the right dose of morning man candy to make sure you don’t regret getting out of bed! Lucas Knowles is a hot blond top with lots of muscle and a delectable ass that just begs to be pinched, spanked and grabbed in the throws of passion! Looks almost as good fully clothed as he does stripped down with nothing but a sheen of sweat to cover him and lust in his eyes. Next up is Ross Hurston, a versatile British stud that … Continue reading Men of Monday

Angel Core Part 1

Are you ladies ready for another look into some of the squelchiest hentai I can find on the site? I’m still saving “Night Shift Nurses” for that last Friday before Halloween but today I’ve got a special treat that includes dismemberment in the series – “Angel Core Part 1!” The setting looks similar to that of war torn Europe after one of the great wars, and the narrator explains that it’s after the first war and before the second. Nazi-esque figures strut across the screen with women in shifts in a truck which is contrasted sharply by the young uniformed … Continue reading Angel Core Part 1

Female Masturbation Volume II – Every Woman’s Orgasm Is Unique

“Female Masturbation Volume II – Every Woman’s Orgasm Is Unique” starts off with a soothing female voice over and lyrical string music playing in the background. It’s odd but it reminded me of the one and only book on tap I ever owned, a title from when I was about 6 something about a girl named Rowan and a wicked witch and ravens – yeah weird head place to be in when I’m about to take a deep guided tour of the lower female bits. However the detailed anatomy lesson and close-up views as our model Susan points along with … Continue reading Female Masturbation Volume II – Every Woman’s Orgasm Is Unique

First Time Fucked

I think that choosing to watch only one of CockyBoy’s films will go down in history as one of the few times I agonized over my choice of what to review in a very long time. Would I pick the former twink with the bubble butt and the sullen stare turned into a delicious cut of tattooed muscular meat with attitude? Or go with the two hot guys that also like to fuck women, who are also tatted (of course) and getting fucked for the first time? In the end two hot guys were just that much more compelling than … Continue reading First Time Fucked

Men of Monday

Happy Monday! Some of you ladies actually have today off today, congrats! Of course I’m not going to leave the office ladies hanging either; I’ve got the Monday morning man candy that makes every Monday a good Monday! Today it’s all about Nelson Troy, a part-time dancer, part-time trainer and full-time sex god. At six feet tall with a muscular body that was built to fuck, Troy has quickly proven himself to be a very popular stud. Don’t forget to click on the images for a more naked larger pic! To be absolutely honest I took one look at the … Continue reading Men of Monday

Shadow – Dead Riot (UnRated)

I can’t remember why exactly but last year I stopped just short from taking a look at “Shadow – Dead Riot.” Of course I’m a lover of horror films like you’ve never seen before and I’ve been dying to see what Tony Todd (aka Candyman) was up to in this particular adult feature. I wish I’d thought ahead and brought some popcorn to the office and shot out all the lights so it could be good and dark in here but atmosphere setting aside onto the awesome! Oh – my – gods – this is bad, I mean “Troll” bad. … Continue reading Shadow – Dead Riot (UnRated)

Princess 69 – Midnight Gymnastics

Well it’s officially October and way back in the day I promised I’d devote October to the scariest, grossest, most depraved hentai I could find in our coffers. That leaves me with a lot of potential choices, but this year we’re graced with two particularly legendary series, “Night Shift Nurses” and “Princess 69.” I’ll get to the nurses later but I thought I’d start out with the lighter title “Princess 69 – Midnight Gymnastics.” A little background, “Midnight Gymnastics” is actually a sequel to the original “Princess 69” episodes and features a slightly different cast, slightly different motives, different art … Continue reading Princess 69 – Midnight Gymnastics

Men of Monday

First Monday in a very chilly October, how are you ladies handling the change in weather? Missing your minis and clear skies? I know I am but thankfully there are hot naked men to keep the temperature dialed up! Today we’ve got a scrumptious return for Wolf Hudson. I couldn’t help it once I saw these shots, boy looks good enough to eat! Also click on the small image for a much larger preview of Wolf’s scene in an upcoming CockyBoys feature “First Time Fucked” which should be up on the sight in the upcoming weeks. Jesse Santana is new … Continue reading Men of Monday