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Tristan Taormino’s Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women 2

Watch the Video Studio: Buttman Category: Instructional   Ok. I wasn’t kidding about watching lots of anal movies, so bear with me. I seriously think I just found the cream of the crop. Tristan Taormino is amazing to begin with, but the way her movie is structured, I feel that anyone, from anal virgin to queen of the back door, can benefit from it. There are hot sex scenes, including a sexy anal solo scene with fetish star Jewell Marceau, and a steamy latex scene between Tristan and Ava Vincent. My favorite was with Kate Frost and Mr. Marcus because … Continue reading Tristan Taormino’s Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women 2

Anal Sex Secrets

Watch the Video Studio: Access Instructional Media Category: Instructional So I’m back on my anal kick again, and I found this old school treasure. The music is a little outdated, and the hair definitely belongs in the 80’s and 90’s, but the sex-positive aspects of the anal sex in the video make it more than worthwhile. First, they talk with the couples about why they enjoy anal sex, and then they show a hot scene of them getting it on. The older and slightly creepy narrator reminds you to use lots of lube, to warm up the woman lots and … Continue reading Anal Sex Secrets

Dominatrix Waitrix

Watch the Video Studio: Fatale Media Category: By Women Is this movie just a little bit strange? Yes, but it’s also worth watching. I did have more than a few “WTF” moments, but the giant orgy in towards the end, full of BDSM, tops, bottoms, lesbians, transguys and so much more, makes up for all the confusion caused in this film. As usual with Fatale Media, major props for their continued use of safer sex in their films…they even use a condom when one of the waitresses is being fucked with her own pepper mill (again, WTF?). The plot line … Continue reading Dominatrix Waitrix

The Lesbian Slave

Watch the Video Studio: Sappho Love Films Category: Lesbian To be perfectly honest, I didn’t really see much of a slave dynamic in this movie. However, I did see a couple of hot dykes fucking each other and eating pussy on a set of hot leopard print sheets (and I have a major thing for leopard print). This is a foreign language film, which means you can’t understand what they’re saying (unless you speak Italian), but this only enhanced my experience, as I could make up things in my head about what I thought they were moaning to each other, … Continue reading The Lesbian Slave

Shane’s World 27 – Girls On Top

Watch the Video Studio: Shane’s World Studios Category: By Women Ever felt like a piece of meat, with guys looking you up and down before they picked which one they wanted to fuck? Well, the tables have turned, as these guys (who have volunteered for this and are celebrating their friend’s birthday) are blindfolded and asked to strip by a group of hot and horny women who want to pick each of their favorites for a good time. It looks like they’ve each made a good match, as one girl chooses two for a hot threesome scene and each of … Continue reading Shane’s World 27 – Girls On Top

The Fine Art of Anal Intercourse

Watch the Video Studio: L.B.O. Entertainment Group Category: Anal If you can look past the 80’s hair, the randomly interspersed “mmmms” and constant use of the eyebrows, this film with Erica Boyer is really good for those that are excited to try anal intercourse. Erica is clearly into anal play, and she likes to describe the sensations she feels when being penetrated. This movie focuses on female pleasure during anal intercourse and sex is discussed from the female point of view. I like that she discusses how important it is to be prepared for something enter your anus – that … Continue reading The Fine Art of Anal Intercourse

Yanks Girl Jor

Watch the Video Studio: Category: Solo Girls This movie is really short, but everyone wants a quickie now and then, including the pretty and large breasted Jor. She’s cute and has an adorable sense of humor! I think my favorite line in the whole movie is, “I just wish I could lick my own,” channeling thoughts of women everywhere. She’s a real woman and it was pleasant to see a solo girl scene that didn’t feature fingernails reminiscent of talons. It begins with her teasing herself with her fingers, but she knows where the real action is at and … Continue reading Yanks Girl Jor

A Dirty Western

Watch the Video Studio: VCX Category: Features Allow me to take you back to the wild wild west, where women have bush, cocks are not the size of the Eiffel tower, and money shots are only a faint glint on the horizon of the future. Picture ‘Little House on the Prairie’ meets ‘O Brother Where Art Thou,’ just with a whole lot of sex thrown in. I loved the stripped prison outfits (or maybe just the idea of naughtiness they embodied – who wouldn’t want to fuck an outlaw?) as well as the main character’s eye patch, but that could … Continue reading A Dirty Western

Nina Hartley’s Guide to Younger Women Older Men

Watch the Video Studio: Adam and Eve Category: Instructional I’ve never seen Nina Hartley in a bad film, and this one is certainly no exception. I love her guides because she is down to earth, feminist AND sex-positive, and looks fabulous while fucking. As in all her guides, she starts off talking to you, the audience, about all the pros and cons of the subject at hand; in this one, the topic is sex between younger women and older men. She’s careful to point out that while it can be tons of sexually charged fun, there are also some drawbacks … Continue reading Nina Hartley’s Guide to Younger Women Older Men

Longing For Him

Watch the Video Studio: Playgirl DVD Category: Erotica The brand Playgirl takes me back to high school when my friend turned 18. We sat outside on a hot summer’s day, ogling the pictures of the naked hunks (I believe it was the college edition), each of us lost in our own fantasies about what we’d be doing with those beautiful, brawny boys. Playgirl DVD brings these delicious fantasies to life as they create erotic vignettes that delve into your deepest desires. From mixed doubles with a tennis instructor to a film star making love to her chauffer, these fantasies appeal … Continue reading Longing For Him