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Dee Viant is the Editor-in-Chief for the HotMoviesforHer, HotMovies, and GayHotMovies blogs, and has been porning with us since 2013. While Dee initially only worked with our fetish films, her love of XXX material extends beyond niche content and she now happily works with all of our adult material. Follow her on Twitter @fetishmovieblog and on Facebook at Dee Viant.

What is Porn for Women?

Every now and then, the mainstream media calls attention to “porn for women,” and Susan Sarandon’s recent declaration that she wants to make porn for a female audience has thrust the topic back into the spotlight. We’ve been a porn site geared towards women for the better part of a decade, and yet we still debate what the inherent qualities of “porn for women” are. Sometimes fans love what we promote and other times we get feedback saying that the movies we review “aren’t for women.” In an attempt to get to the bottom of the issue, HotMoviesforHer staffers Judy … Continue reading What is Porn for Women?

Between the Headlines Review

With the upcoming election season dominating the US news lately, it’s only appropriate that we discuss Between the Headlines: A Lesbian Porn Parody from Filly Films. Directed by Lily Cade, and starring Lotus Lain, Nina Hartley, Aiden Starr, Ela Darling, Aaliyah Love, Vanessa Veracruz, and Zoey Monroe, as well as Cade herself, Between the Headlines is a corker of a political satire. If you’re like us, you’re going to love seeing Hillary, Michelle, Megyn Kelly, and Rachel Maddow get the XXX spoof treatment from some of porn’s top female performers. Released in 2014, this lesbian movie came out during a … Continue reading Between the Headlines Review

Best Sensual Pegging Scenes

Pegging ain’t just a means of domination! In fact, contrary to most pegging porn titles, you can do it out of love and affection. Pegging, most colloquially known as “fucking a man in the ass with a strap-on,” is often depicted in porn as part of a Domme-sub dynamic. However, there are a handful of scenes out there that showcase pegging as a pleasurable way to fuck, but without the context of domination or power exchange. While I’m all for pegging as a form of topping, I do want to showcase growing, albeit still small, selection of sensual pegging videos … Continue reading Best Sensual Pegging Scenes

Spartacus Leathers Gag and Tit Clamp Review

Spartacus Leathers has been at the kink accessory game for 28 years, and I’m ashamed to admit that it took me so long to hop on board with them. I knew about Spartacus, but I hadn’t actually tried any of their goods. I hate to admit when I’m wrong, but in this case, I made grievous errors when stocking my toy box (you might call it a dresser, whatever) in the past. After my experiences with my first two Spartacus toys, I’m a convert. For review, I received the Spartacus Leathers’ Silicone Bit Gag and the Y-Style Broad Tip Clamps … Continue reading Spartacus Leathers Gag and Tit Clamp Review

Hot Toy Reviews-Baby, I Can Feel Your Halo

I’m an old lady who has been through a lot of sex toys, and I’ve become a real snob about the crotch accoutrements I choose for myself these days. Long gone are my younger years where I’d be happy to have a toxic, jelly, rabbit-style vibe that took 10 AA batteries and came with 15 differently hued jelly attachments in my nightstand. I shaped up and invested well since then. As a proud owner of a Hitachi Magic Wand for the last 10 years, and the recipient of countless “free bonus” bullets that came with other sex toy purchases, with … Continue reading Hot Toy Reviews-Baby, I Can Feel Your Halo

Group Watch: The Walking Dead: A Hardcore Parody

Here at Headquarters, we all share one passion — sex. And here at Headquarters, about 78% of us watch The Walking Dead on AMC. When it came to reviewing this Burning Angel/Wicked release, I knew I couldn’t be selfish and do it alone. I turned to a few co-workers — even one who screens movies after movies making sure that they are quality before putting them up on the site — and I asked them to join me in the review quest. What you’ll see below is a hodge-podge of views in five different scenes. So, when you notice the … Continue reading Group Watch: The Walking Dead: A Hardcore Parody

Tristan Taormino’s Expert Guide To Threesomes

I have a fear of threesomes. There. I said it. I’ve long feared that such super hot fantasy fodder would turn out to be a total reality nightmare. So, I’ve never had one. I’ve been invited to join couples on a few occasions, but have always declined the offer. My train of thought upon those invitations: Ohwowreally?That’ssoflattering.I’msolucky.HOTFUCKWHEREISMYKLONOPIN? The anxiety kicks in and sends me into a paroxysm of fear before I can even get wet over the opportunity. But folks are obviously tripling up and I’m curious to know what it is I actually fear, and what I’m may be … Continue reading Tristan Taormino’s Expert Guide To Threesomes

Shades of Kink

I have tried not to shit all over Fifty Shades of Grey since its explosion all over the world. I’m just now reading it because I didn’t want to be a nasty, judgmental asshole about something I hadn’t explored*. And it’s not nearly as bad as I’d heard it is. This book has opened a huge dialogue about sex and kink in the mainstream vernacular, and it’s no surprise that Sweet Sinner jumped on the film opportunity before Hollywood did. So why not find out how Shades of Kink goes? It can’t hurt. And hey, Erik Everhard is along for … Continue reading Shades of Kink

Water Bondage #20 – Featuring Amber “Amazing” Rayne

I was warned about these films. I’ve heard that they are scary and anxiety-inducing, and will trigger any trace of claustrophobia lurking in your being. I’m not much of a masochist, but sign me up! Since I was so into Amber Rayne‘s performance with Jack Hammer in Fluid: Men Defining Sexuality last week, I figured she wouldn’t do me wrong in Water Bondage #20 – Featuring Amber “Amazing” Rayne. Right at the start of the video, Amber is super enthusiastic about trying water bondage in her pre-scene interview. It’s as though she’s just been told she’s going to swim in … Continue reading Water Bondage #20 – Featuring Amber “Amazing” Rayne

Fluid: Men Redefining Sexuality

Ok, ok, I know Fluid: Men Redefining Sexuality has already been reviewed on HM4H, but I really wanted to watch this movie. I’ve been talking about MMF threesomes with a friend from Georgia for the past month, and to say that the MMF3 is on my mind is like saying Jennifer Lawrence might be thinking about the Oscars. So, this one is for you, dear Southern friend, and your box of tissues/sock. I’m already a fan of Reel Queer Productions, so I had absolutely confidence that this film would deliver. And oh, man, did it! The stars are all so attractive, … Continue reading Fluid: Men Redefining Sexuality