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Aural Sex With Amie

I might be a bit of a stuttering Stanley when it comes to public speaking but get me in front of a hot broad open to receiving some dirty-flavoured talk and my mouth will carve out smutty sentences that would make a sailor blush (and get a boner). In my opinion, there is an underwhelming appreciation for dirty talk and strength it can have during sex. People seem to think dirty talk is synonymous with phone sex and then you can’t help but get images of those terribly crass phone sex ads in the back of magazines. Or that scene … Continue reading Aural Sex With Amie

Sinn Sage Loves Girls – Sweetheart Video

Sinn Sage is the first person I have ever seen who fucks like I would like to think I fuck. I have watched many a porno in my day and constantly find myself whinging that I can’t seem to find a pornstar or porn in general that represents the essence of what I love about fucking and how I like to fuck. Until I discovered Sinn Sage. Produced by Sweetheart Videos and directed by Nica Noelle, Sinn Sage Loves Girls is a great film and not just because it stars Sinn Sage (and her glorious ass) in every scene. The … Continue reading Sinn Sage Loves Girls – Sweetheart Video

Happy Easter Fucking!

Incase you didn’t know, Easter porn is totally a thing. Yep. To be honest though, it’s pretty much just pornstars in bunny ears, fucking like out of control rabbits. But hey, I’d rather see that than fucking that literally themed itself around celebrating the resurrection of Christ. Imagine it. Go on. Jizzus Christ. Res-erection. Hmm. Anyway, behold! Three Easter-themed pornos to make your Easter weekend just that little bit filthier! Hop to it! Easily my top pick for a little Easter weekend masturbation has to go to scene one of Anal Acrobats. The scene features butt magician Dana DeArmond, hardcore … Continue reading Happy Easter Fucking!

Porn Gave Me Butt Pride

I am not a size 2 or 4. Hell, I don’t even think all the Crisco in the world could slide my right ankle into either size. I’m of an average size on top but situated below my waist and at the top of my thighs sits my big, fat, gloriously impressive ASS. It’s only been in the last 4-5 years that I have truly come to learn that my butt is not a burden, rather it’s a sexual goldmine and it’s all MINE. Having a big ass and hating it is pretty expected with the amount of crappy body-hating … Continue reading Porn Gave Me Butt Pride