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Women’s History Month for Adults: Director Doris Wishman

Across the globe, the month of March is recognized as Women’s History Month – a time to reflect upon, promote and celebrate the accomplishments women have bestowed upon the world, often while facing hardships, discrimination, and that never quite so crystal clear glass ceiling. The adult industry, despite featuring a predominance of female performers, is no exception to the rule and women have faced an uphill battle to gain acceptance at all levels – both from internal and external, mainstream forces.… More

HMFH Ultimate Guide to Sex Guides

When it comes to fucking, everyone’s got their own ideas about how to get the job done. And by “job” what I mean is, “successfully navigating a lady’s anatomy so that she has a good and/or orgasmic time and lets you stay for breakfast.” There’s such a wealth of information out there about how to get both you and your partner off, but sometimes you just need a good visual reference and a knowledgeable guide to help you put the pieces together.… More

Levi Cash : A Porn Star Profile

After screening last year’s successful film, Sibling Sex Stories, I understand the huge buzz surrounding the name Levi Cash. Cash, a major player in the industry since 2006, has appeared in close to 100 films, and directed almost a dozen in addition.  I had seen some of his previous acting work in No Other Option, which he also directed, and I was really taken by his interactions with costars.… More

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Go Watch: Cosplay Queens and Tied Up Teens


Easily the porn queen of the Cosplay world (actually, you can remove the porn thing altogether because she dominates the scene even outside of the sex industry), Tanya Tate unleashed her own imaginative spin on Comic Con with this film. With tons of rope, cute girls, tight action outfits, and a speculum, this is a movie for anyone that enjoys the super hero lifestyle or lady sex.… More

Go Watch: The Lone Ranger XXX Porn Parody

Of note: I never watched any of The Lone Ranger installments and have never been too interested, until I heard a porn parody was being released. So if you’re looking for connections to the real thing, look elsewhere. This is a review that is blind to the original story, and I was excited purely because of Adrianna Luna (who I adored in Tuff Love) and those period piece costumes.… More