The Authentic Lesbian: 8 Favorite Skin Diamond Lesbian Plot Based Scenes

In an attempt to get me to stop mentioning her name every 5 minutes, my editor (and probably half of the staff) suggested I compile a list of my top favorite Skin Diamond lesbian scenes. To any normal Diamond fan this might seem like a welcomed and somewhat easy task, however my INTENSE AND EXTREME love for her mixed with my OCD just wouldn’t allow it. I tried, people, I really did, and what I ended up with was a list of 48 titles where my beautiful favorite is in at least one scene. Obviously that wasn’t going to fly, … Continue reading The Authentic Lesbian: 8 Favorite Skin Diamond Lesbian Plot Based Scenes

BONUS: Keisha Grey’s Full Interview

Twenty-one year-old Florida native Keisha Grey was kind enough to grant us an exclusive interview on her starring turn in Hard X‘s Gangbang Me 2. After our initial movie review, we decided that her candor was just too good to keep all to ourselves. So without further ado, here’s our full interview with Keisha Grey! HotMoviesForHer: So you did your first gang bang AND your first DP. How was it? Keisha Grey: Fucking intense. HMFH: You’ve been in the industry since 2013. What made you decide to finally take the leap into gang bangs and DP? Keisha: I became curious to see how two dicks … Continue reading BONUS: Keisha Grey’s Full Interview

Hot Reviews: All Access – Abella Danger

Every year, as new talent enters the adult industry, we see countless young women who seem to only appear in a handful of scenes before falling off our radars forever. But then there’s the select few who beat the odds and become constant fixtures in the landscape of the business. Even then, only one may rise to the top to be crowned Best New Starlet at any pornography’s award shows. This time last year, I was certain that the trophy would be going to Kota Sky, the petite blonde who seemed to be on every other box cover that came into … Continue reading Hot Reviews: All Access – Abella Danger

Naked and Famous: What Makes a Porn Star?

Earlier this year, my fellow HotMoviesForHer writer Bridget wrote about the shift in cultural acceptance of celebrity porn tapes, and how these tapes have actually helped boost celebrities’ careers, as opposed to making them move to a far away land and change their name to Smith. In this article, Bridget wrote about how the “change in the tide of stigma” allows women to use their sexuality in a positive way, moving their career along, and making them a daring public personality and more of a household name. While we certainly wouldn’t call these women “porn stars” they did rise to … Continue reading Naked and Famous: What Makes a Porn Star?

The Authentic Lesbian Review: Girls Keen For Sex

There are lots of things to love about, so when it came time for me to review Girls Keen For Sex I knew I would enjoy it. For anyone unfamiliar with the studio, specializes in filming amateur young women having real sex and real orgasms, and is known in many places throughout the world as the flagship studio for sex positive, pro-female porn. The models always seem very natural and the atmosphere is always one of fun and sexual exploration. The production quality is amazing and everything is done in a tasteful, yet erotic way. Whenever I watch … Continue reading The Authentic Lesbian Review: Girls Keen For Sex

Hot Reviews: Gangbang Me 2

Having won Director of the Year at the 2015 AVN Awards, acclaimed auteur Mason continues to redefine hardcore gonzo and anal pornography. With her simultaneously sleek, luxurious, yet undeniably dirty style of capturing her subjects, Mason knows how to capture viewers’ attention and keep them watching. Her interviews with performers show them at ease, yet breathlessly excited about what’s to come; in the case of Hard X’s latest release, Gangbang Me 2, it’s an intense five-on-one fuckfest filled with plenty of on-camera firsts. Current all-natural big-boobed darling Keisha Grey opens the flick with her first ever gangbang and DP, having … Continue reading Hot Reviews: Gangbang Me 2

The Authentic Lesbian Review: P.O.V. Punx 11 – Curvy Girls

I requested to review this one. When P.O.V. Punx 11 – Curvy Girls came across my desk I already knew it would be a personal favorite. I love Burning Angel, I love girls with tattoos, and I love Mr. Pete because of the energy he regularly brings to a scene. That’s a lot of love, so there was no way I was passing this one up. POV isn’t an automatic go-to for me, but Burning Angel is, and when they go POV it’s usually pretty intense. This was no different! Scene 1 – Mr. Pete & Axis Evol Mr. Pete … Continue reading The Authentic Lesbian Review: P.O.V. Punx 11 – Curvy Girls

What a MILF Wants

For several years now, one of the top searched-for porn categories by males has been the term “MILF” (AKA “Mom I’d Like to Fuck”). In fact, in 2014, MILF came in 2nd place for most searched porn terms by men, with “Mom” and “Stepmom” coming in at 3rd and 4th place, respectively. To top it off, the #1 porn star men searched for in that same period just so happens to be the beautiful, 43-year old MILF, Lisa Ann. It’s become clear that men, both young and old, are excited by these hot 30-45 year old women – the moms … Continue reading What a MILF Wants

HMFH Interviews Mystica Jade

The latest fetish release from director/performer/lady boner James Deen is the artful Diary Of A Sex Slave movie. With no hard plot, its five scenes details a day in the life of Deen’s personal sex slave and lover, portrayed by brand new starlet Mystica Jade. As the centerpiece of what was only her second ever porn shoot, Jade captures the viewer’s attention with her vulnerable, authentic performance, powering through an intense day of BDSM fuckery. Jade was kind enough to give us an exclusive inside look at the filming of Diary Of A Sex Slave. HotMoviesForHer: Introduce yourself! Who is … Continue reading HMFH Interviews Mystica Jade

4 Best Pet Play Movies

There’s something about donning a pair of bunny ears, a leopard spotted catsuit, or a butt plug with a real fur tail that just puts you in a certain state of mind. It lets you shed some of your weirdo human hang ups, allowing you to temporarily adopt the traits and personalities of your chosen sexy spirit animal. Some of porno’s best actresses have portrayed everything from a sweet and innocent bunny rabbit to a temperamental kitty cat. Let’s take a look at some of our favorite pet play pornos! Analmals The latest offering from Belladonna director Aiden Riley stars … Continue reading 4 Best Pet Play Movies