Announcing the Masturbation Month Twitter Contest: #MayIGetOff

Hey there lady porn fans!  Did you know May is National Masturbation Month? For the next 31 days it’s time to celebrate and embrace that much needed bean flicking time with as much undressing, pressing, finessing, and caressing as possible! There’s nothing we love more at than getting off-outside of getting you off, that is! So in honor of the 20th Anniversary of National Masturbation Month, we’re going to do everything we can to lend you a much deserved “helping hand” to get you alone, prone and ready to moan and groan while you play with that erogenous zone! … Continue reading Announcing the Masturbation Month Twitter Contest: #MayIGetOff

Michelle Austin and Dicky Johnson: Trans Adventurers

Michelle Austin has been getting a lot of media attention recently. From the Feminist Porn Awards and AVN nominations this year, to her latest release Trans Men Adventures 2, Austin has been on a roll creatively, and romantically. Her new partner and collaborator is up-and-comer Dicky Johnson. Together they are creating a body of work that is both erotic and provocative. Austin dishes on her favorite stars she’s worked with, her feelings about terminology in porn and the trans community, her new projects, and focus for the future. HotMoviesForHer: Michelle, congratulations on Trans Men Adventures being nominated for a 2015 … Continue reading Michelle Austin and Dicky Johnson: Trans Adventurers

7 Hot Tips to Ease You Into Ass Play

I admit it. I’m one of many supposedly rare women who happens to be a huge fan of anal sex. Maybe it’s not an every day or every week thing, but for me, it’s for more than just special occasions. Does it hurt? Yes, it absolutely can, especially if you’re with an inexperienced playmate, fumbling around in the dark like you’re still in high school. However, if done correctly and with a caring partner, it can be beyond a pleasurable experience. Here are several anal sex tips to help you turn what could be a frightening and off-putting experience into … Continue reading 7 Hot Tips to Ease You Into Ass Play

Come Crash at Crash Pad

Pornography is experiencing a renaissance in both mainstream and independent providers. From big-budget parodies to economically produced amateur content, the idea of what porn can be is expanding. One of the studios on the front line of this evolution in porn making is Pink and White Productions. Since 2005, Shine Louise Houston has created a venue for people to watch hot sex with a cast of inter-changing characters. The unique aspect of this series is that it is not just hot sex we are watching; we’re watching a sea change in the culture of porn. The conversation about pornography is … Continue reading Come Crash at Crash Pad

Eco-Friendly Sex Toys

Happy Earth Day dear readers! In honor of the greenest of holidays, we’re going to give you a rundown of how to choose eco-friendly sex toys for your bedside drawer. Gone are the days when you had to masturbate with an organic, locally sourced cucumber that you composted after cumming if you wanted to boast about your environmentally friendly pussy. In 2015, there are plenty of green toys that can satisfy almost any craving. So what makes an eco-friendly sex toy eco-friendly? First off, it should be safe for your own body; after all, you’re an animal, part of an … Continue reading Eco-Friendly Sex Toys

Announcing the Feminist Porn Awards 2015 Winners

For those following, HotMoviesforHer was excited last week to cover the impending 10th Anniversary of the Feminist Porn Awards, which took place on April 17th! Below is the list of all the amazing winners and their beautiful labors of love! Sexiest Short (Tie!): Wall of Fire – Lisa Ganser Pachisi – The Madame (The Keyhole Sessions) Steamiest Straight Movie: The Sexual Liberation of Anna Lee – Jacky St. James Hottest Trans Vignette: Courtney Trouble’s Trans Lesbians – Courtney Trouble Sexist Star Feature: JL + DD: Jiz Lee and Danni Daniels – Jiz Lee and Danni Daniels Most Dazzling Docuporn: Bound By Borders – Tobi Hill-Meyer Smutty … Continue reading Announcing the Feminist Porn Awards 2015 Winners

Hot Reviews: Mia Khalifa – Formerly Mia Callista

If you pay any sort of attention to the adult industry, then you’ve probably heard something about this Mia Khalifa chick by now. Most likely, you heard she has huge boobs, she’s Lebanese, and that Drake tried to get with her (and failed!). Well, the SCORE Group finally got Khalifa her own feature film, Mia Khalifa – Formerly Mia Callista, to show off this Middle Eastern megastar on a more intimate level. I was excited to finally sit down and watch Mia Khalifa after hearing nothing but rave reviews about her, and she certainly did not disappoint! SCENE ONE: Scene … Continue reading Hot Reviews: Mia Khalifa – Formerly Mia Callista

Hot Reviews: Sex Toys for You and Your Lover

I briefly discussed Adam & Eve’s Sex Toys for You and Your Lover in my blog Guide To Porn For Married Couples, but now your best gal pal Judy Hologram is here to give you a more in depth review. I mentioned that it’s basically a two hour long infomercial for their in house toy line, which is still pretty much true, but is also had six super hot scenes that show viewers how to incorporate toys into their love lives. It’s pretty inclusive touching on straight sex, female masturbation, prostate stimulation, male masturbation, lesbian sex, and anal play for … Continue reading Hot Reviews: Sex Toys for You and Your Lover

HOT Trends from HotMoviesforHer: 4-15-15

HOT Trends is a new feature from HotMoviesforHer, where we take a look at the most relevant and trending stories on porn, women’s health and sex from across the web!  – Is that a dildo or an ancient torture device? You decide!  16 horrifying vintage sex toys. – Fake it ‘til you make it! Have you faked an orgasm?  You may not have been as smooth as you thought! – Women watching porn for the first time! Just like sex, the first time is the most awkward. [youtube][/youtube] – Seven of the classiest porn sites on the web.  Includes the Feminist Porn Awards Nominated … Continue reading HOT Trends from HotMoviesforHer: 4-15-15

The 2015 Feminist Porn Awards

This week is the celebration of the annual Feminist Porn Awards. Organized and produced by the Good for Her shop in Toronto, Canada, the award ceremony and surrounding festivities were launched in 2006 by then manager Chanelle Gallant when the team decided “that it’s not enough to criticize adult films for not adequately representing the diversity of women’s, trans folk’s, and in many cases, men’s, sexuality…As porn star and performance artist Annie Sprinkle famously said, ‘The answer to bad porn isn’t no porn…it’s to try to make better porn!’” This year marks the 10th anniversary or the awards and will … Continue reading The 2015 Feminist Porn Awards